Why do ppl wear their scrubs/medical outfits in public?

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  1. I always see ppl out & about wearing their scrubs...I would assume they are clean and haven't went to work yet...I hope...:yucky:

    But today I saw someone in their scrubs WITH STERILE SHOE COVERS walking out of WAL-MART.

  2. I always assume its them on lunch/break/after work. What I DON'T get is people in military uniform at the mall or out and about on weekends...makes NO sense to me..
  3. Maybe they were headed home. Also, a lot of hospital departments require certain sterile guidelines...such as ICU/NICU/PICU etc. That doesn't mean that people who work in those areas will always have blood and guts on them.
  4. As for the military uniform, they may be on their break since some soldiers do work on the weekends. I don't see a problem with a military uniform. Also depends on the area you're coming from:

    The midshipmen in Annapolis had to wear their Uniforms when they went out (up until a certain year), didn't matter if it was to the mall or to the gas station.
  5. i'm assuming they're on break or going to/coming from work when i see ppl in scrubs. my cousin used to bring a change of clothing with her, but eventually stopped doing so because she got lazy changing in and out of regular clothes... it's not like she likes wearing scrubs outside of work or anything.
  6. dunno- where I work its VERY against the rules to go out wearing scrubs and especially shoe covers! People in stores don't know where you've been and this particular hospital thinks it sends a bad message about the hospital- like the people that work there are too lazy to change. Some of the people that wear those shoe covers work in labs with viruses and chemicals you can't necessarily see. Also, if you are headed to work and have them on in say, walmart, who's to say you won't brush up against someone who's sick and pass that along to someone where you work? I mean, I guess I understand if you need to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home... but I'm always a little wary when I see people in them outside of the hospital.
  7. I sometimes have to run errands and go back so I'll have my scrubs on, but the booties is just weird. There's no reason that you wouldn't take those off, that's just odd.
  8. Wearing scrubs in public DOES NOT necessarily mean these people work in sterile environments....some professionals work in dental offices, Xray clinics, nursing homes, doctors offices.....dont make assumptions or pass judgements based on what people are wearing. If I want to wear my scrubs home after a 16 hour day at the hospital, thats MY business.

  9. didnt mean to make this a sensitive topic for people who do

  10. Exactly. My Aunt is basically a receptionist at a clinic.. she also takes people to the examining room, and she wears scrubs.
  11. i guess b/c they want to...simple as that
  12. I never really thought about it. I saw at least three doctors in Whole Foods today when I was getting lunch in their scrubs. I just figured they were doctors. I can't imagine why they'd change to go get lunch. I wish I could wear scrubs. They sure are comfy.
  13. im a dental assisting student and i have to wear my scrubs to school.
    but i was told that "real" doctors/dentists/assistant should NEVER take their clothing out of the building because of contamination risks.
    but i wonder this too...i do it only because im a student...i have no real human patients........yet!!!
  14. oh my god let me tell you!!!!
    they are sooooooo comfy!!!!
    i love them...i hate jeans now!
  15. ^yeah me too. I don't understand any reason why they would still have their booties on. When I have been in situations where I have to wear sterile garb I always have to throw the things out when we leave surgery.