why do ppl attack you and ur LV's??

  1. people can be so self-absorbed and jealous for no apparent reason...

    im the only one from a group in my college whose carrying LV...and i get comments like

    'oh btw did uknow that LV produce their real merchandise in the morning shift and in the night shift they produce the counterfeit merchandise so they gain profit from the fakes out there too'

    and i was over a friends place once and she constantly keeps blabbing how she hates LV because of how many fakes there are around and how the leather looks plastic.. and i was looking in her closet and i found a fake LV bag..am like 'what is that' shes like 'umm i dunno i dont know how it got there' :shrugs: like who is she kidding!

    seriously nowadays especially this past year amongst my generation designer bags have become something normal and not only millionares can afford..its a norm now.. but you still get a stare when ur wearing a brand of something! God help them..

    I just love how people over here in the purse forum are sharing and helping out others! :heart:
  2. The green eyed monster in us all ? (baby hulk !)

    Who cares anyways, it's my bag - not theirs ! :yes:
  3. ^yep!

    sometimes I get self conscious when I'm with a group of friends and I'm the only one with a designer bag...but then I think, screw it, it's my bag and my money! I can do what I please with it!
  4. What I find the most amusing part of it is that often when wearing LV and similar you're accused of being material and shallow, but myself I only carry it because I like it, I don't really focus much on "brands" I get what I like, so I feel like in many cases these people are more focusing on the material things than myself. :shrugs: Of course, I respect that everyone do not like the design, we all have diffetrent tastes, but bashing and saying it's not for me are two different things. :wlae:
  5. ita^^^^

    i have a couple of gf that understand that i simply, like lv. i got one addicted! heheheee! i dont brag about them, i really LOVE hm. the look, the styles , the feel... and i have hd a few moments when i wish i could just tell some people to be quiet. one in particular, just shakes her head. BUT when she buys shoes and bags (her choice- who ever the deigner may be-) she goes on and on and ON! and, i listen politely... then i just upset and think, how uniri. i let her share and reveal and she doesnt do the same for me, she just brushes me off....

    so here i am on the pf!

    oh- and i like all other designers as well.... but i feel it too! just stay on the pf!
  6. I've never really encountered any designer bag hate from any of my friends. Sure, I see it from online communities I belong to (not TPF of course, ha!) where they just don't understand why someone would spend so much $ on a bag...but that's natural. Not everyone understands, and that's okay.
  7. Someone asked me yesterday if I spend my hard earned money on LV? I asked what money should I spend if not my hard earned money. Some people feel like if someone didn't buy it for you, then you shouldn't spend that much on a bag. I always say that I'm an independant woman who doesn't depend on anyone to get me anything.
  8. yaa i know not all people are kindhearted.. but it sucks coming out from a friend..especially when they tell me how they found this place where it sells great knockoffs that u cant differ from the real.. and i cant at all say anything negative then they would think

    'oh now shes wearing designer so shes being a snob..' so i'm very careful and just stay quiet and give no feedback wateverso!
  9. its so strange, jealousy i guess..ur right, it makes no sense :shrugs:
  10. Well said!!!:tup:
  11. Ooh, I feel the same! It's my money, I earned it, I do what I want with it. LV makes me happy so to LV, it goes! :yahoo:

    Don't worry too much about what others think, they're just jealous and feel the need to express every nasty opinion they have. :yucky:
  12. Yeah I know, it seems like LV is picked on the most...I don't hear people going, "Ugh, she has Chanel, she's so materialistic."
    No matter, I buy what I like, I've learned not to let things like that bother me.
  13. People have different priorities, and sometimes they really are concerned.
  14. ITA!! The other funny thing is that mono canvas is SUCH a target. Everything LV that I own is in variations of the mono canvas because I just like it a lot, and it's really sturdy. But I've been out with friends, and if someone's carrying something like epi, no one says anything to her but will still say something snarky about my mono bag!
  15. I think that it all comes down to jealousy - some people may not be able to understand how one could spend so much money on a bag but if they were bought one they'd cherish it and love it as much as those who spend their own money on LV.