why do people think it's ok to say mean things to waitresses???

  1. one of my tables tonight was really awful to me and i need to vent....

    i've been off for a week for my best friends wedding...i've been very busy and not slept well in 5 days. needless to say, i wasn't feeling so hot today. my second table of the night almost pushed me over the edge. this couple reminded me of george costanza's parents from seinfeld, complete with accents and nasally tones. i bring out their salads and the gentleman asks me where i go to school. i reply that i'm out of school already and he says "oh...so you're a townie" in this awful condesending tone. it seriously took all of my willpower not to tell him exactly what i thought of his little comment....:censor:

    what makes people think it's ok to ask a service professional personal questions and then judge them?! people pay RIDICULOUS amounts of money to live in my town. it's a great place to be. :rant:

    but i didn't cry! woo! (usually i do...i kind of have a reputation of a crier) score one for me. :yahoo::wlae: and i guess it's better than the guy who told me i should find a speech therapist to fix my lisp. :yes:

    so yes. please be nice to waitresses. :smile:
  2. I never did understand why some people are so stuck up and feel that they have to judge and belittle other people. I'm sorry you have to deal with morons like these people. And what's with the guy that told you to fix your lisp? That's so rude!!!! WTH?!:rant:
  3. Ooof! Rude!

    When I worked over the phone, people were brutal!!! Best to shrug it off. And YAY for not crying! I'm the same way.. hehe :o)
  4. Im really sorry. I know about mean customers as I sometimes work as a waitress at my parents restaurants and I do encounter some awful people. It seems that they enjoy making the waitresses feel bad.:crybaby::flowers:
  5. Everyone- be nice to waitresses- they are handling your food!:sneaky:
  6. I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is a "townie"?
  7. Sorry that you had a rough shift!!

    I feel embarrassed my friends who ate out with me was rude or under-tip our waiter/waitress..... I often tend to over thank my waiting staff (like say thank you everytime they come by my table) that my friends think it's annoying..but I don't care because it's basic decency...
  8. Iwalked out on a date (many years ago) who was being rude to the waiter. He kept saying things like "this food is completely unacceptable for the lady, I demand...and on he went) I think he was trying to impress me by defending my honor or something. I stood up to leave quietly and he continued to scold the waiter for upsetting me so terribly that I felt the need to get up and walk out. I stopped, walked back, put a nice tip in the waiters hand and thanked him for his restraint in handling rude customers with such dignity. I think my date got the point.

    I think you should be proud of yourself for exercising restraint. It will serve you well in the future.
  9. i agree. at the end of the day there are always goin to be rude people around to boss others... so the way that you handelled it so diplomaticlly was a very good thing on your part..

    dont let ppl like that get you down
  10. Oh, I'm sorry you had a bad day at work! I hate people who treat restaurant workers like servants or talk down to them. It's beyond belief that people think it's ok to behave like that. I hope that karma balances everything out and you get some big tippers on your next shift!
  11. What a Sh*tty customer! :censor: :throwup: . Obviously this guy has a two inch weenie or smaller. Good for you for staying strong. I belive in KARMA with a capital "K" and this type of crap doesn't go very far in life at all. Stay strong and know you are far classier than this lowlife could ever hope to be!
  12. No one should be rude to waitresses, or to anyone else, for that matter. It's unkind. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you.
  13. some people simply are a$$holes(see it every day in dubai how indians etc are treated but "superior" expats or locals). sad but true and good for you you handled it with dignity.

    but fortunately the majority still has good manners!
  14. I used to wait tables right after I got out of college. I think a lot of people don't realize how hard waitresses work. Now, whenever I eat out, I always organize my silverware and plates after I'm finished to make it easier for the waitress to carry. I always leave a tip of at least 20%.

    One neat thing I learned from waitressing was never look at a coffee (or any other full glass) while you're carrying it. As soon as you look at it, it'll spill. I could carry a huge tray of full coffees at practically a jog, and if I didn't look at it, not a drop would spill.
  15. That's terrible that they were so rude to you! I remember when I was in high school and college, I worked at a 7-11 in a wealthy area. The people there were so mean to me sometimes! All they saw was the fact that I was a convenience store employee. Not the fact that I was working on my bachelor's degree!