Why do people SELL fake bags?


May 25, 2010
Selling fake bags are, to most people, more serious than carrying one. It's a crime in almost all countries whereas buying a fake isn't always illegal.

So I was wondering why so many fakes come from places like China and Vietnam and other third-world Asian countries. Besides the fact that their lax government allows them to do this without repercussion, I think a lot of the people who sell these bags are probably un-Westernized people who have a very different set of moral values than us. TPFers can wonder how these people sleep at night selling fakes, but they probably don't understand how they are doing anything wrong. My grandparents are Asian, and so are a lot of my family friends who grew up in poverty during the midst of the Cultural Revolution or the years following that. I know my grandparents are always trying to "sneak" things into places against "the establishment", like taking food into movie theaters, because that was just the way that they were raised: to try to get past strict government regulations and live their life as best as they could. However, I know that none of them would knowingly steal money from a neighbor even if they could get away with it. They are kind and sensitive to everyone around them, because they know that the individuals they live with care for them much more than the governments or organizations that cannot feel their presence. A lot of people that I know who grew up in the midst of communism and poverty are this way. So perhaps, these people selling fake bags from the middle of rural China feel like there's nothing morally wrong with trying to rebel against the organized forces watching over them that they might view these large fashion companies as.

That's just my take on this :smile: What do you think? Of course, I have nothing to say about the scammers around us who sell on eBay, or the people who knowingly sell fake bags for the price of real bags and try to pass them off as authentic.


Nov 23, 2009
While you make an interesting, cultural viewpoint on the issue, I have to disagree with your view that counterfeiters are un-westernised (hinting at Asian). Thing is, although China & Vietnam are made out to be such large producers in the counterfeiting market, doesn't mean anything (owing to population size, the percentage of knock-off goods are probably similar to other countries). As I know, many of the busts for counterfeit handbags and purses down here, show that 'western' people are actually commissioning this production from China. Also, down here it is common to see older gentlemen (possible Italian or Greek), with a suitcase selling knockoff D&G & Chanel No.5s :yes:

And also, walking down the suburbs of Sydney, you see more knockoffs than you do in Hong Kong and such.

So I'm saying although it is a very real issue in Asia, it is no greater an issue than it is in other countries, regardless of cultural viewpoints or upbringing etc. The underlying reason why people produce and sell fakes, is for money. It may be illegal, but ask yourself, why do people sell drugs and cocaine? Of course they know it's illegal! But there is profit to be made. It's all supply and demand! So the real question should be, why do people buy counterfeit goods, knowing that is illegal.


Jul 29, 2009
I tried explaining to someone about fakes and she said if they are illegal why can you buy them everywhere? Technically the ones she was talking about weren't counterfeit, Goach or Suess (fake Guess with S instead of G) or 'LV' damier that was only the checkerboard without the logo anywhere. I do see those on sale everywhere but I wouldn't know where to go to get the 'real fakes' so maybe the police do pick up those sellers? At least in Canada.


Jul 8, 2010
It really bothers me seeing people buying knockoffs. I think that it's that wanting to be something they aren't. My cousin is always buying fake LV. The one lesson I always tell her is be comfortable with yourself, be proud and don't let a label define who you are. Besides purchasing fakes finances things I don't even want to think about not alone the fact it's ILLEGAL. I did not carry designer purses while in college and even when I got out and got started in life. I'm the same woman whether I carry a Kmart tote or supporting an LV on my arm. If I can't afford the real thing I buy what I can afford it's better then lowering myself to a knockoff. I'm lucky I can and do have designer bags but never lost sight of the fact the bag doesn't define me. :smile: