Why do people not do Buy It Now more

  1. Hi i have a question that some of you might find stupid but I was just wondering why do more people not use BIN option when they are selling stuff. Most people know what they paid for an item and how much they want for it. I have grown to detest eBay for this reason. I have had a lady remove her item with a small amount of time left because she was not going to get what she wanted for the item and didnt have enough sense to put a reserve on it. Then she contacted me about a week later and said she was relisting the item that her daughter decided not to carry it to daycare. I mean come on it was a Coach backpack. This time it had a BIN and a reserve to which I kindly responded to her no NO but Hell NO. I hate waiting. I always ask a seller if they have a BIN price. I have had one person actually explain the Max bid process through email. Most times when I bid I lose because I feel like I am being ripped off if the person I am in the bidding war with is working for the seller running the bid up. You might get more for the item but you could get alot less to. I just prefer to know what I am going to get for my item. Please tell me am I wrong to feel this way.
  2. That's why I do not engage in bidding wars period... ever. I use an auction sniper and put in the full amount I want to bid rather than sit and have something driven up. Also, as for the BIN option... some sellers don't put it in because eBay's fees keep going up for every feature you add... reserve costs something, BIN costs something etc. Also, unless it is something in high demand sometimes, most ppl rather bid to see how "cheap" they can get it.
  3. As a seller I have gone away from auction style for my handbags. I use BIN with Best Offer. So far so good!!! I think bargaining (via best offer) is a ton of fun too!!
  4. My opinion? If the Buy-it-Now is within a reasonable amount of the starting bid, I'd prefer using it rather than wait 7 days for an auction to end.

    My reason for not using it more often, for example, is if an item opens for $199 and the buy it now is $299. I'll take my chances then on waiting, believing it will go for less.

    That depends on the item - usually I check the category I'm interested in early in the morning - believing all the real bargain Buy-It-Nows are snatched up right after they're listed.
  5. The only thing I could never understand is there will be an item with 20 bids up to $200 with people still bidding and then there will be the very same item BIN $150. I'll yell at the computer, you idiots! I feel like emailing them, "hello, you can get the same item, $50 less!"
    (can you tell I'm pms'ing?)
  6. I always do it this way as well. Its a lot easier in my opinion.
  7. I always list a BIN with a reserve so BIN will not disappear with the first bid. I have sold many bags via BIN b/c my BIN price always reasonable. I watch bags of the designer I sell very closely so I have a very good sense what they will usually sell for so I just cut to the chase with BIN, so far so good! I love immediate payment requirement too! I love waking up in the am and finding that the bag has sold and is paid for!

    I've used Best offer a few times with shoes and done well with that also.

    I might forgo the auction style altogether in the future.
  8. interesting point!
  9. If you use the BIN be sure to add immediate payment required. I forgot that on my last auction and a newbie buyer did the buy-it-now, ending my auction and still no payment or response after 4 days despite two emails to her.

    It gets me extremely annoyed that a buyer would end an auction on the 2nd day of listing and then refuse to pay.
  10. I think a lot of them think it's a game. I just had one not too long ago. She didn't respond to my NPB claim either.
  11. I try to stay away from 'auction style' listings when I sell. I haven't had too many problems with ebay (knock on wood), but I nearly always list my items with a reserve and a BIN, in which case the BIN stays up till the reserve is met. I had one buyer email me after the reserve had been met asking where the BIN went as they were wanting to buy it for that price... after they had bid, mind you. If you want to buy it buy it. I'm not on ebay trying to make a buck so I set my prices accordingly.
  12. Sales are still slow and eBay full of newbie with low ball offer so instead setup BIN or Best OFfer then get mad with low ball offers, sellers will seriously consider to setup open auction.

  13. Good point- I do that on all my BIN's although I sometime worry that I'm shutting out someone who want's to pay with a money order- but 99% of the time people pay with paypal anyway.
  14. All good explanations here and I am a fan of BIN as both buyer and seller but I do recall you have to wait a while before you can offer the BIN option as a seller, maybe 10 successful sales or similar?
  15. See, my problem is that I sell random items that have a lot of variation in pricing (nothing expensive, magazines, various clothing items, shoes, etc.). Where one might sell for a higher price, another might sell for a lot less even if they're very similar. So I just tend to start my auctions lower and let people just bid on them. I don't want to waste the money on a BIN if someone is just going to bid on it anyway.