why do people keep bidding on my auctions and givng me excuses?!

  1. I JUST had an auction end and I sent the bidder an invoice. minutes later, I get this.

    WTF?! why does this always happen to me. I sent a second chance offer, but I'm sure the person won't take it.

    see, if it were me, I wouldn't risk a negative for $30. I'd just say oops and pay it. it's not like $600 vs. $900 or something.

    what are my options with this? mutually withdraw the transaction?
  2. I would read up on it before you do a mutual withdrawal you may not get your insertion + final fees back...
  3. Oh geez that's annoying!!
    Right now I have a bidder who bid about 4 times on my auction, making sure they were the highest bidder I guess. Well they still haven't paid, but upon looking at their feedback, they had a purchase made yesterday and they've already paid for it! What about MY auction?? :cursing:
  4. Its not mutual- she is a non paying bidder file the report and give her a strike!
  5. I would suggest you ask them to pay your listing fees. If you are a powerseller eBay will refund your "extras" but not your listing fees, but you will get you FVF fees refunded regardles, well unless the second chance works.

    Good luck to ya
  6. From the threads I am seeing and the emails and stupid stuff I am getting the level of dumbness has risen to an all time high on eBay. I have put every block imaginable on my auctions at this point.
  7. ITA! I mean, it's not like she just hit the "9" key and that was it, there's that "review and confirm" page.

    If you let her get away with getting $30 off with your auction, she knows it'll work and will likely use the same lame story with the next seller and next seller...:cursing:
  8. true. grr. I'll go ahead and file against her, I don't really care about a negative, I have good feedback.

    oh and rebecca I have one of those too!! they outbid someone at the last minute and haven't paid! I guess it could be a snipe and they're not on yet, but it's just annoying.

    thanks guys!!
  9. oh and one more thing, I have to wait seven days before filing against her right? since she's already told me she's not going to pay can I go ahead and relist the bag tomorrow after my second chance offer is over? I am going to be out of town after that and would have to wait until after christmas to relist it and the whole point was to make money for christmas!