Why do people do this?

  1. Using a tPF´rs pics? Let eBay know and the person´s who´s pics are used.
  2. That is so wrong!
  3. I don't know if she is a tPF'r but she is a MPRS. I just told her
  4. I've reported her - maybe if as many people can also report her - maybe we can get it taken down.
  5. Yes she's a tbf'er too. I've bought bags from her and she is a really nice, honest person. It's totally wrong that people should do this and that eBay lets it happen.
  6. Reported too - get 'em ladies.
  7. reported
  8. That is just WRONG! How can someone do that? Seriously.
  9. Maybe she has a new account?
  10. Anyone here can report her to eBay?? It's abuse the ori. owner right!!
  11. Ooh maybe she bought it or bought the pics from the ori. owner?
  12. ^ Good point. :yes:

    The auction doesn't have any written description, though, apart from '100%'! :confused1:

    Bizarre! :blink:
  13. reported too
  14. aww, omg, did someone tell Roz??