why do people carry bags?

  1. :confused1: heya i was just wondering why people carry bags...?

    i just need to know because am doing a project on handbags...
    i would like to know the theory behind it!

    thanks in advance!!

  2. Ummm....To carry things that all at once. Actually, when I go out a handbag, I feel a little silly, as if I ought to be carrying something.

    It's sort of like when you forget to wear a watch of something and you keep touching your wrist.
  3. I don't know how men survive without carrying a handbag. I would lose everything! It's an organization thing. I have to carry my wallet, cell phone, makeup (necessity!), keys and agenda. I am a mom of 3 and have enough to think about. Plus......women can't carry things in their pockets...it wouldn't look right. Hope that helps.
  4. because i carry more than men...
    women carry more things than men.
  5. My pockets would be really full if I didn't. I'm not sure if a theory applies.

  6. OOPS!! I meant to indicate when I go out "without" a handbag...
  7. to carry things they need. essentials, keys, camers, wallet, phone


    and fashion! arm candy!
  8. To carry things like wallet, cosmetic purse, cheque books, agenda etc. To match my outfit & to impress & to make me feel good :yahoo:
  9. To dress up an outfit, just add something that is missing, it is an accessory (my favorite one--way better than jewelry, but I'm sure many others would argue) and just to hold all the things I feel I cannot live w/o while I am not at home (silly:rolleyes: ).
  10. To carry things people need to have with them.. it's pretty hard to explain.
  11. i have lipgloss, an agenda, usually a book to read, a water bottle, money and change, cell phone, mirror, mints and my key wallet on me at all times. all that, without the addition of things that you end up acarrying throughout the day, require a bag to keep it on you and organzied!
  12. Because my wallet and cell phone and keys don't fit into my pockets :yes:
  13. because women's clothes usually don't come with pockets. When they do it doesn't look right to fill them up. Women also like to carry more stuff because they need to be prepared with make-up, money, asprin for the husband, toys for the kids, and what ever else she might need for the day.

    We are so fussy about they because they add flair and personality to our outfits. We also have different standards with regards to practicality (i.e., a light bag, leather, fabric, 1 handle, 2 handles, satchel, hobo, etc.)
  14. Agree with Zoey Zoo. Women's clothes are not meant to be filled with stuffs like wallets, cells etc.
    First, womens wallet tend to be thicker than mens bifold. Then, we won't be dorky enough to clip our cell phones to our belts.
    We need make up, brush, lil mirror...etc
    And of course there are the hubbies who ask the wives to keep all their stuffs in the handbags :smile:

    Plus the handbag is the best accessory ever!
  15. hehe thanks people!!

    any comments of gurls and guys are appreciated :yahoo: