Why do people/buyers get mad when sellers ethically make a profit ?

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  1. For quite some time, I've wondered about this. I've seen some people on tPF as well as some past buyers/bidders who are mad about the fact that sellers (including myself) make a profit on bags/clothes, etc, even though the sellers are not indulging in any unethical practices. Why is it wrong to make a profit...wouldn't the entire economy shut down if it weren't for profits ? Just want to get some opinions.
  2. Good question! I often wonder the same thing. Who knows why some people get so worked up about making a profit, basically I think it boils down to economic ignorance.
    I personally would like to see some of those complainers go into the department stores with their rants or perhaps give their favorite designers a call and ask them why they charge so much in the first place.
  3. As long as they aren't cornering the market on something (IE buying it out and then selling above retail), I'm not bothered. However, whenever I sell stuff I got on sale somewhere, especially bags, I get asked questions about why I'm selling. I guess it always seems obvious to me that it's because I'm a capitalist and I like $$!
  4. ^^^^ I get that a lot. Whenever I am selling stuff and mention how much it originally retailed for, I get questions like.."well, why dont you just return it ?" or more severe one like "Arent you ashamed of making a profit when this has gone sale ?", etc.

    I figured it would stop if I didnt mention the original retail price and women who really know about the label and quality will know the value (besides thats the type of customer I'd like rather than some ignoramus who wants to keep up with the Joneses).
    Guess what, it still didnt stop. And recently, I've had some weird, crazy bidder bugging me about it (besides other things).
    I would really like to know the honest opinion though as to why making a fair profit makes some folks mad.
  5. :blink:I too often wonder the same thing. Retailers routinely mark-up their merchandise at least 100% and no one bats an eyelash, while an individual who seeks to profit is looked upon with scorn.

    I sell high-end handbags and am lucky to clear $50.00-$60.00 per transaction. A nominal sum when one factors in the time, expense, and effort that goes into each listing.

    ebay is a business. Pure and simple. IMHO those who disagree with the practice should take theirs elsewhere.
  6. Simple...because people want to think they are great bargain shoppers and are getting the absolute best price on something and when they figure out they may not be they become annoyed. Also, many are under the impression that ebay is only for bargains when sometimes it is the only source for highly sought after items or sold out items and they should expect to pay a premium for them.
  7. I think it's because people just like to complain & criticize. If it's not about ebay, it's about something else.

  8. I guess thats a pretty good reason, hadnt really thought of it that way. Any more reasons anybody ?
  9. I think this is a fairly new phenomenon, the last three years or so, and I think it's because eBay is getting more of a reputation for a place to dump junk. Alot of the high-end buyers and sellers that were regulars on the site three or four years ago have gone because the site is so clogged with junk and counterfeits most have lost faith.

    In the UK there has been huge amounts of media attention because of people being stung with stolen goods, counterfeit items and online fraud. All of these things scare the legitimate buyers.

    There is also a huge jealousy factor with buyers that begrudge the fact you found a sought after item and possibly at a bargain price when they couldn't.
  10. Thats a pretty good reason. I remember the days of ebay when you could use your email address as your username. Those were happy days. Now, its become such a cesspool. I guess it not only attracts scamster sellers but also many buyers that genuine sellers would rather avoid.
  11. I think that some buyers do it just to guilt the seller into giving them a lower price. I have had buyers come right out and ask me to lower the price for them because I was asking too much for a previous season item. I agree with the above post, if you aren't cornering the market it is fair game. Fas as I see it, I am personally willing to pay more for an item I cannot find near me, and I assume others are just as willing as me.
  12. I get this alot and simply delete the e-mails, the reason alot of people do this is because they are hoping to scam a deal in the hope you don't know what you have. I have over 3000 fb and still get people trying to get me to do deals off eBay and asking if they can have things at half what I've listed it at.

    Everyone wants something for nothing these days!!
  13. I sell medium to high end designer handbags and i don't feel like i have to explain how or why i sell at the price i do ..... obviously i make a profit or i wouldn't do it, but as a business person i would never disclose to my buyers how it is possible for me to sell at less than RRP but make ££££ . I feel people have to question you because they are miffed they are not able to do it ... 9/10 people who question the price or bombard you with questions will not buy in the end .
  14. I never got this either. I sell some stuff, I make a profit. It was all purchased legally, and if I have a buyer for it, what's the problem? It's capitalism. I price whatever the market will bear, knowing that if there are 10 of them on ebay selling for on avg $200, I won't sell mine for $499. People that criticize me for this can bite me. I don't feel bad, I do everything legally, I've had people say "since you're such a good shopper and find such good deals you should pass it on to everyone else". HUH? I am a very good bargain shopper, but I don't sell on ebay for my health! In fact I do it because I'm not healthy right now, I'm on disability with major major back problems and can't do my normal outside sales job.

    ebay was not built on the principle of passing your good deals along to someone else.
  15. I guess as a buyer, they'll mad if seller's trying to make profit but when they rotate their position, they'll get mad when come a buyer and ask why they make profit :lol:

    Here, I think as a buyer, we want to get great deal but as a seller, we've profit orriented, right? If not, why we even bother to resell our item :lol: