Why do people bid when they can't pay??

  1. I just sold an item on eBay and always state in my listings that payment is DUE within 3 days of auction's end. I message the buyer and she tells me that she is waiting for an overdue payment from something SHE sold on eBay. If she doesn't receive the payment, I'd have to wait for the end of the week for her paycheck to clear.

    I know the protocol for filing a NPB is 7 days, right? I think my 3 day rule is reasonable! Why do people bid when they don't have the funds to pay?! I don't understand. I always pay instantly.
  2. Yes, it is 7 days for NPB. This is typical of many people's attitudes today. If they have a dime they spend a dollar!
    I am in the beauty industry and my best friend who works next to me actually had a client come into the salon, get her hair cut and colored then when it came time to pay she says, "I'm sorry but I had to buy Christmas presents this week and I will have to pay you next week." How crazy is that?
    The gall of people never ceases to amaze me.
    You should tell this buyer that in the future she should refrain from spending money that she does not have! Imagine what her personal financial situation must be????
  3. Some buyers know they have at least seven days to pay so they disregard the sellers payment request...I had one of these recently and it really ticked me off...but there's really nothing you can do.
  4. Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that eBay gives buyers 7 days to pay, regardless of what you put in your auction. And obviously you can't override eBay.

    I think that many people get "caught up in the moment" of bidding and after they're done they realize they don't have the money to pay for the item. Or they've bid on many items and won more than they thought they would. Or they get buyer's remorse.
  5. i usually pay the exact day the auction ends but 2day something weird happened with me regarding pay pal and there was no way of me to control it(i made a thread about it) and the seller was totally understanding but yeah people who make up lame excuses is kind of sad i guess people these days think of ebay as a joke. I bought something and i was looking at the sellers feedback and somebody negged her saying that she made the item look bigger then it actually was and i looked at the item listing and she had the measurments and everything listed.... smh ppl these days
  6. :wtf::wtf: That's like going to a shop and picking up a TV or a bag and going "I don't have the money this week - i'll pay you back later!"

    And why do people bid when they can't pay? Aaaah... the eternal eBay question...
  7. bid and not pay for a few days I can understand. But clicking buy-it-now and not paying (on a listing with multiple items unlikely to sell out) I don't understand.

  8. It is crazy, but I think with certain service industries, especially those where you tend to have a lot of return customers, some clients seem to think; 'Oh, this hairdresser [driving instructor/piano teacher/karate coach etc.], knows me well enough, by now, to know that I'm not going to run off and never pay.'.

    I think they also think that, to not pay, immediately, for a service (where you are paying, primarily, for a person's time, rather than physical goods), is far less bad than to expect to be able to leave a store without paying for an object (that the seller has had to buy) immediately.

    In other words, paying promptly for a person's time is considered less important, as the service worker is not losing money on a physical object they have bought to sell on.

    Even worse - in these situations, some people even try to find silly excuses to get out of paying, altogether; even though they would never dream of trying to leave a shop with an item without paying for it.

    Never mind the fact that, if they hadn't had their time wasted, the service worker could have booked in another client, who would have payed, immediately. Or that, if one has an appointment with a hairdresser, or with another service sector professional and then doesn't pay (for no good reason) it is actually even worse than stealing a physical item, where the retail price of that item is the same amount (or even double the amount), of the service worker's time; as the shop-keeper/sales staff (of the store where the item was stolen) would normally have to be in the store working, whether the item was stolen, or not and also, hopefully, other customers in the store would be being served and paying for their items at the same time (so very little, or none of the shopkeeper and/or SA's time would be wasted on the thief), so the only real loss to the store is the actual cost price of the item (which is probably half retail [unless it's a designer good, of course, where it's probably a third, or less!]) and a small amount of overheads. Whereas, to the service worker, or their employer, their loss is 100% of the cost of their time/wages for the entire appointment time, plus the entire appointment time's worth of overheads. :sad:

    So many people don't seem to understand this, though. :shrugs:
    Not that I'm, for one minute, condoning shop-lifting, of course; quite the reverse! :tdown:
  9. I always pay immediately and sometimes it appears that the sellers are very surprised.

    My beef is sellers who have listings end knowing they will not be able to ship until days later. (especially because I pay immediately)
  10. boo, a lady bid on an item i was wanting, and outbid me literally in the last 3 seconds, and she wasn't even able to pay for a week :sad: I was ready to pay then and even more! :sad: oh well, but that bugs me even as a buyer! <~~ I know this because the seller told me, and was going to give me a second chance offer if she didnt pay, oh well i guess she paid.
  11. Wow, that sucks...especially when it's an item you're really wanting. Bummer. But the beauty of eBay is that there will always be another one around the bend.:tup:
  12. Yes, Chloehandbags you're exactly correct. I even had one client/friend (When I told her I wouldn't do her hair for free) say to me, "Well you know I can't afford these things!" I told her "Then you shouldn't be getting the services DONE if you can't afford it. In my chair if you're not sitting there SOMEONE else would be....someone who pays me!"
    This is why I sometimes hate people and love my dogs! haha
  13. I am one who always pays right away unless I sniped it and it was either late at night or overnight. Then I make sure to pay first thing in the morning. You would think that people would want to pay right away so that they can get their item asap!
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