Why do my shoes fart?

  1. I'm baffled. I just got 2 pairs of GORGEOUS flats that I love - one Dior, one CL. Both are pretty comfortable straight out of the box, but for some reason, whenever I step into them as I'm walking, they make a farting noise! I know it's air being compressed or something to that effect......but what the hell! :crybaby:What's causing that? Do you guys have experience with this?

    I want to keep these 2 flats because they're really perfect...but I can't look chic while *farting* all the time! :push: Any ideas for solutions..?
  2. HAHAHA! I had to laugh b/c I was just thinking about this last night. Yes, it's happened to me. Size up, I found that it sometimes helped.
  3. Honestly, my flats do that too. My aunt says it's because the shoes are too small, but they fit my feet perfectly! So hopefully someone can shed some more light on this.
  4. i can't imagine sizing up, since they fit me so perfectly now! just thinking about the science of it, i think it could be because the sole isn't flexible enough and stays flat while our feet bend and press down while walking...maybe it just takes breaking in? the sole is pretty hard on my flats though, can't imagine they'll get softer.....sad! i'm sure someone must've thought of a solution to this!
  5. lol I HATE when that happens!
    I always wonder if other people can hear it! Every time it happens to me & someone is next to me I get all red & wiggle my foot & say "Stupid Shoes" lol, just so they wont think i really farted. lol
    Maybe putting some baby powder on your feet before wearing the shoes will help?
  6. ^ I would try the baby powder. I usually put a little on my feet before wearing closed-toe shoes to keep my feet from sweating :shame: Stupid Florida heat!
  7. It happens to me in some of my heels and that's from my heel slipping out the back (narrow heel compared to shoe but the length fits perfectly). I haven't tried inserts yet to keep my heel in place.
  8. I'm just laughing becuase I've had that happen too. I hate it!
  9. Hahahaa, sorry is just to funny. I hope you find the solution to this.
  10. Mine do that sometimes, but I think it's because my feet are narrow.
  11. try the little inserts that stick into the front bottom of the inside of your shoe....LOL..Had this happen once with a pair of shies..heehee..HATE that!
  12. LMAO!! That happens to me with this one pair of Juicy flats I got...they were a defect I think cuz I tried them on instore and they fit perfect, so I ordered them on sale online and they were much smaller even though they were both the same size. I've yet to wear them b/c of that. It happens when the shoes are too small or too narrow.
  13. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep - heel inserts help!
  14. OMG it's so weird cos my shoes start making those noises after I put in inserts to prevent my shoes from slipping off my heels!
  15. LOL!!!
    I have this same problem with this pair of pink flats that I hate.
    It is sooo embarrassing! I stopped wearing them for a while because of it.

    Like mentioned above, I just put those sole inserts and TA-DA, farting noise gone!!