why do my eyes burn with every make up remover I use?

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  1. I have been though many make up removers and all of them burn my eyes. Has this happen to anyone? I need a remover that doesn't burn. Thank you for listening.
  2. Yikes that's not good! I don't have too many problems... my favorite liquid is lancome but normally I use the neutrogena makeup remover cloths and just rub REALLY gently.
  3. Maybe it's the way you're using it? Maybe you get product in your eye? My eye burns with mascara sometimes but that's cause I got some mascara into my eye. :sad:
  4. I close my eyes when I remove and sometimes it's not only my eyes but my face too. If I'm doing it wrong, how am I suppose to do it? Thanks
  5. I've had problems with eye makeup remover in the past, I have sensitive eyes so it must just be a certain ingredient.

    Maybe you can try get samples from some brands, let them know you have sensitive eyes and want to test it to see if you have any reaction.
  6. My eye burns easily too, but I've been using the sample sized makeupforever sens' eyes cleanser. I rub it all over my eye and have not had any type of irritation or burning from it. Plus it's not greasy which I really like and there's no alcohol in it, maybe that's why.
  7. Do you wash your face and eye area right away after using eye makeup remover? I use Almay eye makeup remover pads, and then immediately wash with Neutrogena Foaming cleanser. For me, this combo is the least irritating of everything I've tried, including all the high-end products.
  8. Some eye makeup removers cause my eyes to burn as well, and I am careful about keeping my eyes shut while removing. So far, the only things that I've used that don't burn are Clean & Clear wipes and Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel.
  9. Lancome burnt for me as well! I find Clinique's Take The Day Off much more gentle, oddly enough. Philosophy's makeup remover is pretty gentle too.
  10. I use Rimmel and it's a great eye make up remover. My eyes burn from all other removers but not Rimmel. I also use MUFE and it's great!
  11. ever tried a oil-based remover? shu uemura has that fantastic cleansing oil which removes eye make-up too. . . I'm not sure but I read somewhere that it will be discontinued, but i'm sure they will introduce a better version of it as it is one of the popular SU products...
  12. Try a natural oil like grapeseed, olive or jojoba oil to remove makeup.
  13. Avoid any make up removers with alcohol in them- I had the same problem (I have sensitive skin) and switched to one with no alcohol and that seemed to fix it.
  14. Have you tried Clarins? Not the Instant Eye Makeup Remover, but the Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. The Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Lotion is not a lotion at all. It feels like water––and it does the job of removing eye makeup very well. Everyone in our family has used it for years. It's the only eye makeup remover we use, and we've had no problems with irritation.