Why do Men get more attention at the Hermes store??

  1. My brother was in the city today and I told him to stop by the Hermes store to see if they had anything I might be interested in. I gave him all the specifics of what I might be interested in. He said that the SA he was talking pulled out all the boxes of what was available in a Kelly 32. Unfortunately they were all black which I didn't want. Now the surprising thing that she did for him and not for me was that she actually checked her computer or called (not sure which. Didn't get all the details) and she was able to locate a rouge Kelly for him at another store and If he wants it shipped, she can do that. What the heck. I've dealt with the same SA and she didn't offer to do any searching for me at other store? It just makes me sooo :rant: .
  2. Hey, its gender discrimination of sorts. I guess we just have to deal with it because they aren't going to change. Maybe its because they think men are the ones with the money to spend. Maybe even though WE go in buying bags they think a man HAD to have given us the money to spend there. :rolleyes: Call her on it if it bothers you. See what she has to say.
  3. Maybe it's an opposite-sex thing...having a male SA may be better (mine is male and he's great!)???

    Or, probably it's a soft-spot for the male customer as he's perceived as a "gift-giver".

    I can't believe it's ALL about money b/c most people know, it's the FEMALE that shops. :P
  4. It's the $$$$ baby. Like it or not, it is still a man's world even if you are earning the money to buy the bag. In some cases some wives earn more than the DH. No matter what, the perception is the the man has the money and has the final say. I saw a guy at a boutique once who had a croc Kelly,Birkin, etc set in front of him for him to choose from. You can bet that the Croc kelly was brought out from the back for him. Don't know if I would have been so "honored."
  5. I know this was discussed heavily in the other thread, but I honestly don't see preferential treatment towards men in my store. In fact the SA's and I crack up because some of these men don't know which end is up with these bags. And when the men do buy gifts, there's always the fear that these bags will be returned because they never get the right bag. But then again, there is as someone suggested the reverse gender discrimination. My SA is a guy and will bend over backwards for me.
  6. Talking about guys, is there some sort of how they dress then they get good treatment? jessdressed, your brother dressed in what? As in looking smart or casual eg. T-shirt w/jeans?

    I think only smart guys that signifies they have big pockets get good treatment.
  7. Well here's my DH's observation:
    • if he's shopping by himself, guaranteed he'll have no problem getting service fr. a female SA. not as much luck as w/ the male SA:huh:
    • if he's w/ me, then he's completely ignored... by both me and the SAs (regardless of gender):roflmfao:
  8. LOL, as to the second bullet! I hate shopping with my DH generally -- I love to shop by myself (with my own hard earned money, BTW) :lol:
  9. I've always had great luck with male SA's, the women are a little chillier with me. I should say I've had great luck with gay male SA's, I really click with them.
  10. Yes, but it is a phycological thing, (i dont mean to offend any of you ladies) but when a man walks into a store with authority, I guess they see them as an easy/better customer, I KNOW THIS IS EXTREAME GENERALIZING but the world works this way, sad but true and we can do anything about it. Women are also tend to look at details in things and think about their purchases more, i mean i cant imagine a SA telling me to have a coffee and think about my next purchase? have thay asked you ladies? and men are still seen as the breadwinners! that too is worng but still happens this way, and if a man is happy with teh service they are more likely to return and tell their wives to return or contiune to buy presents for them their! Men liek to keep it simple and only go to few stores
  11. I guess along the lines of naughtymanolo, I guess generally men are in stores to BUY (and not just browse).
  12. Good point. I'm actually one of the few women that hates to browse. A friend calls my shopping expeditions surgical strikes.
  13. :biggrin: A woman with a mission!
  14. I'm thinking along the lines of frenchiefan and tokyogirl. My guess is that in many up-scale boutiques/stores, men are perceived as gift-buyers, easy customers who make quick decisions, has money to BUY, not just there to browse.

    I once visited an up-scale jewelry store to re-size a ring (anniversary present from hubby) & the lady who helped me with the resizing actually told me this: "Oh...I remembered your husband! My colleague XXX was the one who helped him with this purchase. He's such a nice customer! He chose & bought this ring in like...10 minutes." :huh:
  15. second that - i'm not a browser. a friend recently couldn't believe i hadn't yet been to a new boutique and when he asked me why, i told him there was nothing i needed from that store at the moment.