Why do many people say Tokidoki is limited edition? Is it limited edition?

  1. I just don't know why but alot of people who aren't that much of tokidoki fanatics say its limited edition and stuff but i do see alot of bags. Is tokidoki limited edition or am i just confused?
  2. i guess it kind of is limited edition because prints come out for a limited amount of time and then thats it.

    but they dont have like limited numbers or anything
  3. Yes, it's limited edition. Each pattern is issued once, in limited quantities and that's it. (Unless they do some of these rumored re-releases). As opposed to Louis Vuitton for instance that has some bags styles that have been available for years and in some cases even decades.
  4. :rolleyes:

    Oh i c. How many limited quantities? 5,000 bags for each print? just wondering?
  5. Oh, I don't know quantities. I mean limited in that they are made & issued once and that's it.
  6. Yeah, they are available on the website and in stores for a short run, and once they're out, they're out.
  7. ITA. They are limited edition because you can only get them for a limited time. They're not being added to the permanent collection, so they technically are limited.
  8. Oh i c, thanks yall!
  9. The ones that are really limited are those in the first collection which feature 3 different Qees depending on the bag model, the Playground, and the Camo Collection. Those were manufactured in absolutely small quantities and sold out very quickly. They were launched at the time when there weren't that many tokidoki fanatics as there are today.

    The first collection is the most precious, you'd see new with tag bags going for crazy prices on eBay. The Qees used were the generic white one, the blue cat, and the pink... dog? Those with the blue and pink Qees fetch even higher prices.
  10. How sad... i wish the collaboration b/w Tokidoki and Lesportsac didn't have to end so soon:girlsigh:

  11. Thanks for explaining! I did somehow realize that the first bags with the flowers that came out were expensive and the different qees that i looked at on tokidoki-blog.com.
  12. The earlier the prints, the rarer they are. It seems that though the earlier prints were popular and sold out easily, most caught on the trend much later. Probably after the Foresta? I was fortunate to stock up since the OP was released. But I sold off my OP's Angioletto and Bella for profit. I was at first reluctant to let go of the Angioletto as it was the one and only one that I bought and what's more it's the OP!! But well, money makes the world goes round. I caved in and sold it.....anyway there's still some Tokidokis I want to sell off cause I realised that I can't use all 50 of them.
  13. I believe Citta collection and those after that were not as limited in supply, with the exception of Foresta. Foresta will be re-releasing to that will increase supply.
  14. I thought Foresta is only being re-released in Hawaii and that I believe most have been gone by now?
  15. That doesn't stop Hawaiians from flogging them on eBay for the rest of us!