Why do listings take so long to show up?

  1. Last week I listed two Chloe bags...both took 24 hours to show up in searches. I am sure when I list clothes they don't take this long, but eBay are just so rubbish with their answers...

    Anyone else noticed this re listings?
  2. They, eBay, are probably examining your auction to make sure it's legit and authentic. There's been a few complaints by other sellers about this issue.
  3. Yes. My Dior took 24 hours as well. I hear they are looking at high price bags these days to check for authenticity. Hard to believe since there are so many fakes bags out there!

  4. Yes very hard to believe - most of us can spot the fakes miles off!
  5. ah ha! :hysteric: Don't understand that at all. Authentics are getting pulled yet the fakes are there!
  6. AHH! I have been wondering the same thing!
    My Coach bag and LV stuff have been taking between six and twenty hours to show up! what the h3ll is up with that?
    Unless they want to credit me that full day back!
    Im considering starting my auctions a day earlier!
    Actually... that doesn't work either, b/c i base it off what day and time i want it to end! Based upon good days vs bad! Ugh. Ebay is becoming such a hassle.
  7. It is quite annoying that you are paying for the "entire" duration, yet you don't get the service you pay for.

    I feel that once you list something, your auction count down should start ONLY ONCE it is viewable to the public. They say that sometimes indexing can take up to 6 hours. This 24 hour time frame is BS.
  8. Yes it is....and they just wont give me an answer as to why it takes so long. They just keep looking at the auction, saying its showing now, you have 3 bid on it....
  9. True! If it's takes them 24 hours to "authenticate" the auction, then people have lost a day of potential bidding. The first 24 hours is important because some people sort by newest item first so by the time your item appears there all these other items on top of it.
  10. My bf, who is a computer guy, just told me it might ahve to do with how often their servers upload new items. i think thats what he said. computers make me feel stupid.
  11. I suspected that's the case, but it's not true.

    They are simply checking out your auction for very obvious signs that it's fake. It used to be about 4 hours, but now it's gone up to 24, it's pretty crazy.
  12. It is annoying that it takes that long. My last auction took just under 24 hours to show up.

    No other catagories take that long.

  13. hmmmmmmm. i initially suspected that was the case, but how could so many faeks slip through then? and why are so many real auctions pulled in the middle of their auction cycles? both theories make sense to me. mostly. but they still don't seem entirely right. mayeb ebay could make an option to check out your item before its listing time if you give it to them early or have them list it on delay for you. make sense?
  14. They are not always authenticating the listings for it to be slow.

    Sometimes, during peak listing hours, the servers are just really slow. It can take up to 8 hours for all the listings to show. That happened last Sunday with an inexpensive pair of earrings I was listing. Nothing showed up, the good the bad, the inexpensive... whatever. Ebay was overloaded.
  15. There was a very good point made about paying for a service. The listing is for a specified period of time and a seller should be getting all of that listing time. The listing does noone any good when it is only seen by the seller :rolleyes: