Why do I think I need an epi bag now?? rop

  1. What is your fave epi bag? what color (current or d/c) is your favorite? :biggrin:
  2. Mandarin Speedy 30:love:
  3. soufflot, any color
  4. ha ha you know what I'm going to say!
  5. I currently only have black petite noe in epi and it's my Fav.
  6. :heart: I just carried my new red Speedy for the first time today:heart:
    That bandeaux looks really cute on it,I'd like to do that too but I don't want to be a copycat.

    Mandarin Speedy 30 is next on my list, I was going to get one Sunday, but it smelled odd to me.
  7. its ok - go ahead and copy, I'm flattered you like it!! As for the Mandarin - be very very careful - they do smell like cat pee (not all but some) - that's how I got my red one, exchanged the stinky for it!
  8. I am thinking the SAME thing!!!! I need new bag in Epi!!!! I've never seen it in real life but I like Pont Neuf! I have Speedy 25 and love it SO SO SO much!
  9. My Speedy 25's - black and myrtille.
  10. Black pont neuf, strange shape for a bag named after a bridge ! But I love it !

    I'm really interested in rochelles lately as well, I want one in pepper or lillac, but the prices of some of them are silly !
  11. Mandarin Speedy 25, duh! :amuse:
  12. black speedy 25
  13. I love the yellow and mandarin speedy 30 or 35-I know the yellow is discontinued but I am always looking-love the purple lining! The mandarin is gorgeous too!
  14. Red and Mandarin!
  15. i like the black Jasmin

    and after i saw a lilac Speedy on eBay, i liked that too!
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