Why do I suddenly Feel the Need to PURGE ???

  1. OK, for no apparent reason, I feel the need to get rid of SOMETHING .... I really don't know why ... there is nothing I am looking to "fund" and $$$ isn't the issue ....:shrugs: Really not sure where this comes from, but ....

    I took out all of my bags (not just BBags) and was trying to decide what I didn't LOVE or NEED .... I have one Prada that could go but I know those don't go for much so I wouldn't bother ...
    next was my 06 Greige First :nuts: ... OK, so I LOVE how this bag looks, I bought it for a "going out" bag, problem is, I don't go out much :p I am really kicking myself for not getting Greige in a City or Twiggy :cursing: ....

    then there is my Chanel Lady Braid Satchel, BEAUTIFUL bag, CRAZY expensive, really not even sure I want to get rid of this one .....

  2. Perhaps if you just send your 05 William to his Auntie Deb in Georgia you'll feel anew and refreshed? :graucho:

  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    OMG! you totally crack me up!!!
  4. queenvictoria - i think Deb is going to snatch William away from you some day.:p She is just in love with that dog.:roflmfao: Don't worry nothing is wrong with you.:biggrin: I think it is the excitement of the Magenta and new Fall colors that has gotten every one going little :upsidedown::wacko: here. We are having so much fun though.:yahoo:
  5. I agree with Nanaz. And if you don't use the greige, sell it. Use the money to fund another bag you really want and will use.
  6. i feel like this too, from time to time. i've recently downsized my bag collection (bal and other brands) A LOT and i actually feel better. now i only have left bags that i really do love and actually USE.
    before, it was all buy and buy and buy and never sell, but i'm really learning to let go of things that i know i won't use often.
    if you're not using the greige first much, i say you sell and use that money to get a greige twiggy or city that you WILL use. :smile:

    oh, and let me know if you put 05 william up for auction... there will be a bidding war between me and debsmith. bahahaha~~
  7. it could just be the guilt of having a bag you paid a lot for bt don't use... I get that feeling a lot with clothing: I pay a lot for an item and wear it once or twice, then I'm sick of it. But then the guilt settles in and I put it on eBay to recoup some of my loss :smile:

    I say sell greige and get a new fall bag in a style you will use!
  8. I get that way too. But I would never part with a Chanel.
  9. I go through this too now and then. Actually, right now I'm kind of going through it. I'm starting to feel cluttered, it's probably because I've got a lot my plate right now with finals, creating a new website, end of the school year for the kids, birthday parties coming up, etc, etc. I need to clean up my act and get organized. I guess I'm feeling overwhelmed........that's when I purge. Does that make sense?
  10. I know how you feel! I am going thru this right now and my brand new Greige First is going, too! Sometimes you have to keep what you use and not the bags you just like! It's sad but you always get new ones that make you smile! Good Luck!
  11. I know exactly how you feel.

    I just went through this and sold two very cool bags - their new owners were overjoyed to get their hands on them though.

    And now I am on a buy cycle again :p
  12. I just listed Manolos, Gucci, Lv, Tod's trying to purge what I don't use. I think that this helps me justify some of the HUGE purchases I have coming my way!
  13. All I can say is look what I have had to resort to...Just read my signature (ho-hum...)
  14. Maybe it's like "spring-cleaning"?
    I am purging a few bags too. I am wanting to keep only ones that I regularly use. That way I will free up some space .....and some $$ :p
  15. Maybe your closet is getting too crowded or messy and suddenly you feel the urge to purge? Whenever my closet gets too full, I just have this compulsion to clear the clutter by getting rid of the stuff that I haven't used for quite some time.