Why do I seem to never be able to make a decision...so back to the beginning. HELP!

  1. I'm really sorry to bother you again.

    I was down to camel day...fall 06! (the SS06, fall06 etc. just got to confusing) Just a casual look with a grab and go bag and a color versatile but not boring that can age well.

    But at the place where I have a store credit they don't have it anymore.
    So the choice is between camel city, camel twiggy or truffe day!( keeping in mind that the city is nearly 300 euros more than the day )

    I could also get a camel day from Bal Paris but their (VAD -buying from a distance) is pretty complicated, you have to send a copy of your passport, send a fax (no pdf or mailorder...:wtf: )etc...and my fax is out so that's not an option. I really can't ask my hubby to do that from work :sad: . I think you understand why :lol: !

    So please bear with me...what would you guys do?
  2. You considered Truffle day at one point, right? if it's possible for you to go to the store where you have store credit, maybe it would be good to take a look at the bag IRL and see how you like it?
  3. mmm catcat i am loving truff more each day..!! and its perfect for winter!! but so sorry sweetie :crybaby: since i am not a day fan.. i would vote for camel city :love: or i would have chosen a truff in any other style :yes:
    plz tell us what you decide at the end.. we surely hope u choose what you'd like best when u see them IRL ;)
  4. Thanks ladies, seeing them IRL is sadly not an option I will have to make my mind up from a distance.:sweatdrop:
  5. my vote is for caramel city, then truffle day.
  6. My vote is for Truffle day. Especially if there is a 300 euro difference.
    You had made up your mind to get the day - and Truffle is probably less prone to staining than Camel/Caramel. It will satisfy your bag craving, give you a chance to try out a style you've been curious about, and you can save your pennies for a SS07 bag.
  7. caramel city if it's the color u are most drawn to...but like above, if u want the day style, truffle is a really nice color--grab and go color, as versatile and casual as the caramel...
  8. Truffle day!
  9. ... thanks I have about 48h to make my mind up. I hate that pressure.
    By any chance is there anybody who has both truffe day and 06 fall camel city ?
  10. Get the camel Twiggy or City. Truffle is available in the spring colors so you can always get that one later.:yes: