Why Do I Never See Celebrities Carrying an Ink Colored Bag?

  1. I know this sounds weird, but everytime I see the celebs in tabloids or television I never see them carrying the ink color. Anyone have any pics?
  2. all the celebs seem to have colors from older seasons and aren't buying new ones...maybe bbags are no longer the IT bag of hollywood...

    regardless, i think they're the best!
  3. Hmmm that is an interesting thought. I just wanted to see pics., because my black city is coming tomorrow and I am thinking of exchanging it for the ink. Thanks.
  4. I think Nicole Richie did...
  5. Lindsay Lohan has an ink twiggy.

    ll ink.jpg
  6. i was going to post that photo too ;)
  7. I think the lighter and brighter colors photograph better (meaning they
    show up) Might be part of the reason why
  8. A few more pics of Lindsay w/ her Ink Twiggy:
    ll1.jpg ll2.jpg
  9. love how she carries it..
    thanks for sharing the pictures..
  10. You're welcome! :biggrin: As you said, she carries it well.
  11. i still think the INK colour is a great colour - regardless if hollywood stars carry it or not.... woo hoo go the b-bag!
  12. Wow, she looks good with it!
  13. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. I was curious to what they wear the ink color with etc. The ink color is beyond awesome, but I just do not want to part with my bbag once I receive it today. I am quite sure it will be soooo hard sending it back in the mail to wait for another ink city. I guess patience is a virtue.
  14. Ranirob, if you can, why not keep the black city and order an ink twiggy?
  15. ink is to die for.... it doesn't matter if celebs carry it or not.. ink is very subdued.. celebs like bright colors that flash out.. maybe ink is too "simple" for them.. but oh dear, i love my ink!