Why do I look at ended auctions? Emerald with silver?

  1. Wow...those are the kinds of auctions I always want to find ... but so few and far between! Congrats Mimi!! :yes:
  2. :nuts: Ahh! That was an amazing find! Congrats Mimz! :yahoo:
  3. I want :balloon:
  4. Wowowow. Someone got a heck of a deal!

    Auctions like this make me cringe...yet I still look at it. I tease myself with the auctions I've missed out on. Sighhh.
  5. wow....
    that's an amazing deal too!
  6. aw... this actually has a rather cute and funny story and quite the coincidence attached to it! I was talking recently with a friend who is a longtime collector of Balenciaga and literally the day before yesterday she was telling me about the possibility of another green ---- and sure enough, the way the universe works, I was taking a break from school work, decided to check out ebay, and this bag popped up. I'm guessing it was meant to be! :lol: :heart:
    (so... it's a "recently discovered" green, I'll try to find out the official color name for everyone once it arrives! :love: ;))
  7. Congrats Mimiz, it's a great deal!!
  8. Omigosh ... !!! If this auction had been active when I looked at it, I probably would've passed ... I would have looked at the atelier.naff swatches for S/S 2004 and found that there was no green like this during that season. You convinced me, Mimi ... that bag was destined for you. ;)
  9. So it's not Emerald? It does say it's from '04 and I don't see a green like that from '04 on Ateliernaff. Hmm, this is exciting! I can't wait to find out what it is!
  10. Fiat, yeah, I had NO idea it existed either! I had always been under the impression there wasn't another green -- but then like I said the other day, it randomly came up in conversation.... kind of strange and funny! :shame: We will see!
  11. ^ First I've seen of it, too! Those 03/04 swatches are still growing... I wish Bal would just send me a list (yes, I have asked) instead of having to excavate colors one at a time out of people's closets and memories...!
  12. This is an awesome color and the deal of a lifetime!
  13. I couldn't see the letter on the tag so I figured she was wrong when she said '04 and it was really a '03. New color, that is exciting and congratulations on a great find!:yahoo:
  14. WOW Mimi congrats!! I can't believe there's another new colour to add:nuts: It's great finding new colours!