Why do I lack willpower when it comes to Coach????

  1. Seriously, my coach obsession has gotten crazy! My mom just called and asked if we could make a run to the outlet mall this weekend and of course, I'm already trying to figure out what I'd like from Coach. BUT....I've gotten 4 purses in the last 2 months, 1 wallet, sunglasses and a couple of keychains/charms. Granted, only one of these items was purchased at full price, but still! My newest purchase, a black leather Gigi tote which I got off of eBay still hasn't arrived at my house and I'm already thinking about another purchase?!?! Normally I do have a considerable about of willpower (I recently lost about 25 pounds, so I can control it when it comes to food), but it seems to disappear when it comes to Coach. Am I the only one???
  2. No! You're not the only one! :flowers:

    I've gotten 4 purses since May (which is really bad since I'm supposed to be saving for a downpayment :push: :angel:) ... for Christmas my boyfriend bought me a White Ali... and now I'm officially banned until the end of the year when we buy our place :crybaby: ... I keep dropping hints that I love the heritage tote in pink, but I don't think it's going to happen :hysteric:
  3. you are not the only one

    are you kidding me????

    We ALL in this forum go thru that. It's addicting and we need help.

    But we LOVE it.
  4. No...I am "supposed" to be on a ban. During this "ban", I have bought one Ali, one Mandy and a mini skinny. I am supposed to go down to the outlets for a "girl's day" this coming weekend and I am already thinking of what new goodies I can get. I have SERIOUS problems! LOL!:roflmfao:
  5. No, you're definitely not alone in this. I think I've bought more Coach for myself than for others in the past 3 months, even during the holidays! I couldn't resist the PCE discount! *LOL* And after each purchase, like the others have mentioned, I go onto thinking of what I'm going to purchase next!
  6. I completely understand...since Christmas, I've bought a mini-skinny, 2 bags, 2 wristlets, and 2 pairs of sunglasses. Even though I was originally going to save it for a laptop, I blew almost my entire Christmas bonus on Coach stuff for myself. I'm totally on a ban until I get birthday money later this month. :biggrin:
  7. It was only until I discovered what I really liked and enjoyed using, did my buying make more sense. It all has to be convenient and useful. I like Ali's, I don't particularly find wristlets useful for me, although I have 2 "just in case" and an ergo tote when I have bulky things to carry. My obsession has diminished greatly since discovering Coach about 4 years ago. This forum is a great place to see and learn, but it also makes it very tempting to buy items we might not otherwise.
  8. cc, you crack me up!!!! I am soooooo like this....with all the bags my hubby bought me for the holidays and my new ergo(S), and STILL....I am looking to get to the outlets to see if I can GET LUCKY and find a plum leather ergo (The SA in my boutique told me all plum ergos were being shipped to the outlets, but she didnt know WHEN....but some ppl on here got them there already, so they are there now!!!!) So, I called my outlets today and I am now put on the "ERGO LIST" if any come in!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH....... it just NEVER ends...it's an ILLNESS I tell you, and I have it BAD!!!!! BUT, the good thing is, we gave up credit cards, so it all has to be paid for w/ CASH or I dont buy it!!!!!!
  9. :yes::yes::yes:
  10. HAHAHA! If I had the answer to this question I would have a lot more money in one of my many wallets!! :p
  11. Oh my GOSH!!! Me too, I have bought more COACH stuff since joining here in August 2007.

    I see...I have to have...

    I am suppose to be on a "ban" too, but I don't seem to be doing well with that.

    Maybe we need to bring in some OUTSIDE help for us. LOL...JUST KIDDING!!!
  12. Thanks everyone! Seriously, it's gotten bad! I've always had an infatuation with handbags, but I think the recent Legacy finds at the outlet have put me over the edge! Luckily I did get some $$ for Christmas that is covering my newest purchases. Really, it's an illness!

  13. I too am addicted to Coach. I purchased two bags for December
    PCE and now I am looking to buy some Ergos that have just been
    transferred to the Outlet. I tell you I need an intervention here.
  14. Oh man.. you are NOT the only one :rolleyes:
    I have serious issues with Coach.. I won't even go there :wtf: It is SO addicting and this forum does not help, but I can't stop coming here, I love it and everyone on here! :yes:
  15. Before I discovered Coach I would seriously buy a new handbag almost every other day! Now I proudly own 6 handbags and I couldn't tell you the number of accessories I have! I'm going to pick up handbags number 7 possibly this weekend and then it's another trip to the outlet to see what's new up there! This is what I work for and as long as the bills are getting paid, that's all that matters! :yes: