Why do I keep buying Satchels when I prefer USING Hobos and Shoulder Bags?

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  1. #1 Oct 16, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
    I know I prefer the Hobo and Shoulder bag styles for carrying - yet I keep buying Satchels because they look so pretty. I use my Coach Acorn Madison Maggie all the time because she is so comfortable to carry and easy to organize - yet my last three purchases were a Coach Lily, a Treesje Presley and a Treesje Marquis. Of those three purses - I have only carried the Lily once - about a month ago. Why do I purchase bags that I know I will end up just looking at and not using? I actually think that an XL Madison Maggie or an Editorial Zoe would probably be my ideal bag - but I have yet to purchase one. Do any of you do the same thing?
  2. I don't know. I'm strictly a hobo girl. I own two bags that are satchel esque but have long enough straps to wear over the shoulder comfortably.
  3. My Treesje bags do have the nice long shoulder straps - I might like it if I tried them out. I just haven't been ready to deal with that much interior space without compartments - even though all of my stuff is contained in Coach wristlets and pouches (I can change out a purse and all of it's contents in less than a minute because of this). The funny thing is that I sometimes hate dealing with the whole compartment thing when I am trying to get something out of the purse quickly.

    Lily, however, could use a shoulder strap. The girl is SO pretty, but outrageously heavy. The double handles end up being a single strap on my shoulder with one hanging down. The first time I saw a picture of her I was smitten. Turnlocks = LOVE! (also = HEAVY!)
  4. I go through the same thing. I'm drawn to satchels, but when push comes to shove they annoy the crap out of me. I got brutal and sold them all.
  5. I do!! I love the look of Satchels, and I have a few, but ultimately my Hobo's are typically so much lighter, more comfortable and easy to carry!
  6. i'm the same way.... caved in and bought the rocco which i loved except i hated carrying it. made me realize i needed to stick to my hobos, so off it goes!!

    some satchels are just too pretty to resist.
  7. I've done this a few times, too. I am a shoulder/messenger bag girl but I have purchased satchels a couple of times only to selll or return them because they just don't fit my lifestyle.

    I love the structured look and they are often more organized than my hobos. I finally found a bag that works for me-- an aubergine MK Hamilton-- and it also has a comfortable shoulder strap. I am still tempted now and then but I know what works and I really hate returning things. I am trying harder to make better decisions.
  8. I must look for one of those MK Hamilton's! I finally took my Treesje Presley out tonight. She was comfy on my shoulder - but it took me forever to find my wallet! It's a big Coach Gigi wallet too - so it shouldn't be THAT hard to find! She's a beauty though - the color is called Chartreuse - but more like a wrinkly deep yellow/tan and SHINY! She is very light and her leather smell filled up the car like my leather Coach Parker does (a satchel - with compartments - so I carry her). Off to look at MK now!
  9. Labrat--I found mine at the MK outlet. I have photos of it in a thread in the new MK sub forum.
  10. The ultimate satchel won't work as a shoulder bag or hobo. That's the point.
    I need a little of everything to satisfy the need for variety, but I do have preferences too. Can you enjoy the satchels on special occasions? Can you pick satchels that conform to your most basic needs in a bag, and yet give the feel, look, and structure you enjoy in a hand held bag?
    I became bored with hobos and shoulders after many years of the same styles. Discovering the ladylike bags and realizing the void they filled in my style was exciting and refreshing. I found it easy to sling on my arm and juggle car keys, water bottles and packages with no problem. I grasp a clutch under my arm and go about my business as though I have 10 arms and hands. Sometimes it's easy to adjust to new things.
  11. i very much prefer shoulder bag or satchel which also fits over my shoulder. for my next bag i really want to buy this particular hobo but i hate to dig around for my stuff inside the bag :noggin:
  12. I am the opposite! It took me a while to realize that I am happiest with hand held bags or those that go over my arm. I can't wear hobos at all because I need everything organized perfectly or I go crazy.
  13. Because satchels are cute.
  14. Wow it's like we were separated at birth!:nuts:
  15. oohh yeah, i'm in that boat too

    i am drawn to satchels because they are much easier to organize, and they are more practical to sit on a desk when needed. i like ones that can be carried on shoulder

    i do have one perfect hobo. it's huge and has a wide bottom, so it's easy to organize it due to that. i love that thing for shopping, or other errand stuff.