Why do I have 0 "sent messages"- where are they?

  1. I need to double check a message that I sent yesterday. It's really important, I need to make sure that I gave correct info, but when I got to "sent messages" it says that I have 0.

    That isn't right, I probably sent 15 messages just yesterday!

    The other person responded to my message, but deleted my message to her (because our pm has become too long, so we have to delete to add, you know?)

    So, does anyone know how I can find my sent messages?
  2. Did you keep the option checked to save copies of your sent messages in the Sent folder?

    If not and the recipient deleted them, there is no way to recover the data I am afraid.
  3. I can't figure out how to do that..I've been all through the edit my profile, how do i save my sent messages?
  4. Thank you! I never would have found it! :smile: