Why do I feel this way???

  1. I think this forum has jaded me. I'm a die hard LV fan, meaning it is the only brand of handbags that I buy. I love LV for so my reasons: style, durability, quality, useabilty. But lately I been venturing in the Hermes thread and I keep getting this nagging feeling the LV is shall we say "crap" compared to hermes....I don't even like hermes but I almost bought a birkin from ebay becuase everyone talks about how great it is (I really am not a huge fan of birkins to begin with). CRAZY that is what I am CRAZY!!!! Does anyone else feel this way? Please explain to me agin how great LV is and help this jaded, bad, and awful voice in the back of my head go away......
  2. I am feeling the same way too:wacko: I have always been loyal to LV as well.
  3. me too....i used to be only in the LV/Chanel sub-forums and now i can't seem to stay away from the hermes :shame:.......i also made my first hermes purchase (nothing really....just a scarf ring...but still :weird:smile:
  4. Just don't let other's influence you so much.
    I don't even go into the Hermes Forum really because I'm {GASP!} not really a fan.
    You're allowing others to influence you.
    LV *IS* quality, just look at all the vintage bags that still look new, the only way to determine they're not new sometimes is by them lacking a date code.
    99% of the people we run into everyday cannot afford an LV OR wouldn't want to. Don't be jaded, just don't be so easily influenced ;)
  5. LV is in no way "crap." The bags have amazing quality, iconic status, and a nice selection of unique styles and colors.

    I think its way too easy to get caught up in constantly wanting "more" and "better" things. Don't let your view of Hermes distort your perception of things that aren't even affordable to many people ( LV).

    If you don't even care for the style of the Birkin, and you want it for the status symbol- perhaps you should reevaluate why you like the brand to being with.

    Just because I have some nice things, doesn't mean I can't appreciate others that don't have the same luxury status. Like, I'll wear my nars blush and chanel eye-shadow with drug store eye-liner. I can still appreciate things from the drug store.

    It is far too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of IT bags, and Status bags- just enjoy bags for whatever reason you started enjoying bags was!!! = ) handbags are supposed to be fun, and enjoyable.

    :smile: Just my two cents.
  6. Oh dear! I was just talking to my husband last night about Hermes. I for one would never buy one. I think they are very pretty and gorgeous bags (obviously) but I love my Lvs. Its been a life long love for me and it will never change. Its just my "thing". I love reading about what everyone buys and how happy they are....but it has not changed or tempted me to change in any way! I could never spend over $3000 for a bag...now diamonds...SURE. My husband sighs as he walks by reading over my shoulder! The forum has guided me towrds trying all sorts of new products though..and that I LOVE! Anyway, keep on lovin lv, lvlover!
  7. Hermes and LV are apples and oranges. Just because you are finding yourself more into Hermes does not mean that LV is crap. Both are wonderful IMO, but there is no question that Hermes quality cannot be compared to LV.

    I have many LV and no Hermes. I would love one but I am not sure how I would look with an Hermes bag and also I am not crazy about the price. If I were independently wealthy, I would definitely own an Hermes. I am not. Maybe someday I wil but not now.

    I think others are right that perhaps you are caught up in the whirlwind of more, better etc...

    You need to sit down and really analyze what it is about Hermes that you love. And look at other Hermes bags besides the Birkin. If you truly have to have an Hermes then there is nothing wrong with it. But make sure you are buying something that you absolutely love and will use. Just make sure you are getting what you really want and not what everyone else has. It may be Hermes, it maybe LV... but $5000 + for a used Hermes is a lot of money to spend if you are not absolutely in love with it.
  8. Yes I believe this to be true. Don't let others or other threads influence your love for LV. I'm not a fan of Hermes but I can appreciate the bags' beauty at the same time. I would never buy one but that's b/c I couldn't afford one now and I just don't think they look all that unique. But if someone has one, I respect their decision. Keep loving what you're loving and to heck w/ what others say IMHO. :lol:
  9. It's very easy to get influenced into wanting "better" things. What makes something better is up to you. LV is hardly "crap". LV is luxury, quality, style. I am not a hermes fan at this point. I think some birkins look great but they just don't do "it" for me. I don't feel bad about myself just because someone else buys a $10K birkin. That's that person's choice. I'm not gonna let it get me down. It would be different if I absolutely loved birkins, but at this point I don't. I'm also not going to buy one just for the sake that I can get something so elusive and expensive. It sounds like you're not a big birkin fan either. So please don't be jaded and just love what you have.
  10. <---am i the only one who thinks spending 3k + on a bag is insanity?
  11. No, you are not. I feel guilty enough spending $700+ for a bag when I am not even working outside the home. I agree though that you do get easily sucked in; what I used to perceive as "expensive" has dramatically changed and that is not good for my family's checkbook. :lol:

    I admit I have totally gone overboard since I have joined this board. I really need to take a step back and rethink some of my purchases.
  12. Thank goodness Im not the only one! Personally I would never spend over $900 on any purse. But for some with larger incomes I can understand the stuff under $1500.....But once you get into 2K and above, most of them 7K and above....its no longer about the purse if you ask me.
  13. It's true, past a certain point, it is not about the purse. So what is it about? I definitely get sucked in too. It is a short time high, but also a way of avoiding other more difficult things you might need to do to make yourself truly happy. It's fun and easy to buy a new purse!
  14. Here here!!! I think so too... but that's perhaps I'm not a rich lady who can spend that much in a bag :lol:
    I think paying more than my rent (which, btw, is not that low LOL) for a bag, it's just insane, so I have my limits :biggrin:
    And I love LV :love:
  15. Well said:lol: !

    I still love LV. If I can't find a b-bag I love soon I will be visiting LV shortly. As in this weekend:love: