Why do I do this?!?

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  1. OK, just got back from vacation. I went to the Coach outlet several times...the closest ones to home are about 3 hours away, but there is one very close to the place we go for Spring Break every year. I kept looking at the tattersall mini-wallets. DD kept talking me out of it (the leather is brown and I always carry black bags). They were $99 + 20% off. So, I didn't get it. Now I am home and I want it! UGH...:crybaby:
  2. ugh, sorry that happened coach bag... I do that a lot too, I hate regretting buying bags... but maybe it was for a reason? i'm sure there will be other bags out there that you'll end up liking... :yes:
  3. I agree with DH if the bags you carry are brown but it would probably go with the denim tote you have in your picture, as it has brown trim. Was it a Bleeker Wallet ? I always listen to my DH when it comes to bags and accessories, he always gives me good advice, plus this means that something else that is better will come along !
  4. Aw! I know how you feel. I am so indecisive sometimes and end up passing on some pretty good deals and then I just hit myself over the head for not getting it later on!
  5. Sorry Coach Bag! Maybe it was for the best?
  6. I know the feeling, my closest outlet is also about 3 hours away. Everytime I go I want to buy everything I see, I usually settle for a couple things, but then when I think about it there is always something else that I want!!!!:sad:
  7. Yup, it was the smaller size bleeker wallet with the light blue interior...
  8. I do the exact same thing, just about everytime I go to the outlet (also about 3 hours from me). I even carry things around, over analize the need, put it down and walk away. Then the next week when I am home or at the office I start thinking about that great find and regret putting it back.