Why do I do this?

  1. Does anyone else scour eBay daily, sometimes more than once daily, just to see if there's a bag that's too reasonable to pass up? Even if you don't need it? I do this! :crybaby:

    I think it's because I put myself on a bag diet and now I feel deprived. :rolleyes: It simply doesn't matter that I have about 10 bags just waiting to be used, I've opened them, looked at them and stored them and they're all NEW but I need that 'rush,' that 'thrill' of the bag hunt, I guess.

    'sigh' Is there any hope???
  2. I'm guilty of that too! I think just looking makes me feel better even though I obviously can't afford to buy too much. For me, it's definitely 100% for the thrill and rush of finding a great deal!
  3. Guilty of the same.
    Hey, you can always resell for at least what you paid, right?
    I am the queen of justifying un-needed purchases.

    Yes, there's always hope.
    Your computer takes a dive and you can no longer buy through that venue...
    Oh, what a horrinble thought!:crybaby:

  4. OHHHH...BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!! eBay is my wonderland! John Mayers had it all wrong!

    Yep...I can also justify just about anything. But Since I still have a Kelsey and a Gustto Setela coming I am going to try to save up for a Fall Kooba. Wonder when we will see them out?
  5. u girls said it, i'm exactly the same too. i just love trying to find a great deal even though i can't afford it n shouldn't be anywhere near eBay or any online shop.
  6. Oh I know exactly how you feel. I go to Ebay far too much, hunting and hoping, when I do not need a new bag. I bet I have 14 bags on watch on Ebay at this particular moment.

    Most of it for me is learning what is out there, seeing the styles, then forming an opinion (do I love it or not) and moving to the next bag. I love the hunt, the actual decision to buy then the wait for it to arrive.

    When I realized this feeling was my form of heroin, I had to sit back and think for abit; do I want to buy bags just to get this feeling? Or should I be buying bags because I really love that particular bag and want to carry it?

    My buying slowed down ALOT after this realization. I still hunt alot, look and learn, but I do not buy now. I will only buy what I am dying to actually carry, not just want to own.

    Bags are like chocolate, you want to have ALOT but you should keep it in moderation.
  7. There is definitely an addiction factor here. It's not the cutesy "I have a bag addiction" that we all chuckle about but the actual "rush" and antsy feeling we get about getting a bag. It's very physical. And then the "coming down" from getting a bag and then Having to start the process all over again. The Hunt and chase get our adrenaline going and we feed off of it. A psychotherapist would have a hayday with us.
  8. I agree with you ladies. It's the thrill of finding a great deal that starts me out, but then I don't feel so bad, because I feel like my bag completes my whole look.
  9. AAagh, omg, YES, I do this all the time... i'm not searchign for any bag inparticular, just any hot bag that is a deal.. LOL.. glad I'm not alone!!
  10. Guilty as charged! Great to know I'm not the only one who does this, probably way too much. It is most definately an addiction, but at least it's not drugs or alcohol, and in the end I look good!:wondering At least I think I do!!!
  11. I love that bag "diet" idea..............that's what I must be on...