Why do I always have problems with my sellers?


Jul 26, 2007
I can never just purchase an item on ebay w/o little problems. I won a new bag last night that clearly stated free shipping. It said it at the top, and at the bottom of the auction and in the auction description. I always check everywhere to make sure because sometimes the shipping is listed in there somewhere. Anyways, the seller stated that the shipping was included in the starting price of the item. That would mean free shipping right? Well I go to pay and it brings up the shipping of like $4.58. Not to bad, but auction stated it was free! So I email seller to get a new invoice. I get the new invoice this morning and the shipping is still there. Seller says she is splitting the shipping cost with me and upgrading to Priority. Well, again auction stated free shipping via USPS Priority flat rate. So I have emailed seller again stating her auction terms. I have a bad feeling about this. I am making to much of a fuss and seller is not going to be nice. If I do get my free shipping seller may ship Parcel post since she said she was "upgrading". Ugh! I just want may darn bag. Am I making a big deal over nothing? It's not like it is much $, but I bid because of the free shipping to start with.
I really just needed to vent to others here that may understand! Thanks for reading if you made it this far.


Nov 17, 2006
Personally I would have done what you did...ie. emailing the seller and say it ought to be free shipping as stated in her auction. When getting the new invoice I would just pay regardless of the fact that the shipping fee was still there...not worth causing grief over such a small amount. I do understand that you are feeling irritated,



Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
Dovunque voglia andare
Are you sure she didn't say "FREE shipping to person who uses BIN?" I know a lot of sellers, including myself, will offer free shipping as an incentive IF they purchase it via Buy it Now. But unfortunately, once the BIN disappears, the free shipping does, as well.

But if you're positive that it was listed everywhere and not for a BIN purchase, then you have every right to complain about this. It's not the money, it's the principle. I'm sorry but that was completely dishonest of this seller to do this. She could have sent you an e-mail after you won "suggesting" that since free shipping is for first class, that if you wanted to contribute that she would upgrade to Priority. But in this case she even suggested free shipping was priority, as well?

Gosh, this is a tough one. A part of me would be like you know what, you're dishonest and I don't want to deal with you. Her description was very misleading and a part of me would want to turn her into eBay for that. But of course, it depends on how badly you want this bag.

That is the million dollar question!


Jul 25, 2008
Houston, Texas
Would you please send the auction id so I can take a look at the auction?

And what other types of problems are you having with sellers?

What types of items do you normally buy on eBay?


Aug 29, 2006
If the auction stated "Free shipping -- USPS Priority Flat rate" that is what I would put in the optional instructions part of the payment. I might also copy the part of the auction and send that to the seller to review. There is always the possibility that the seller used an old template and forgot to change the shipping criteria.


Mar 18, 2008
The auction stated "free shipping." And apparently she stated it several different times, which means that she was probably using that as an incentive to get someone to buy. And it worked. Now she has to live up to her end of the bargain. She never stated that she was planning to upgrade to priority.

Just email her again and politely remind her that the auction stated that shipping (in its entirety) was included in the cost of the item. Also, she can't "upgrade" to Priority when it states in her auction that that's what she was planning on using anyway. Tell her that the free shipping was part of what induced you to bid and that you would not have bid otherwise. I've never had this particular issue before, but I'm sure that if she still wants to be stubborn about it, there's some sort of claim you can file on ebay.


Mar 11, 2007
Northern California
If you give a link where people can read the actual auction terms you would probably get more helpful advice.

As it is, I can't be of much help; as a seller if I state free shipping, then that's what it is, and that's what it should be. It's a box you click on when submitting your listing; but you can do this with an auction style listing or a fixed price listing.. even with the discalimer of "with BIN" it would still hold as free shipping. JMO.
Jun 25, 2008
Check the auction again to make sure that there wasn't a disclaimer attached to the free shipping. If there isn't, then whether it's $5 or $50, a deal is a deal, and just like you can't lower the price of the bag by $5 just cause you feel like not paying that $5 neither can she raise the amount after the sale.