Why do fake handbags companies advertising at this site?

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  1. Hi,

    I have a question, it seems like there are fake handbags companies advertising on this site. Should it really be like this? I thoughed this site was for authentic designer handbags?? Am I wrong?

    I looked at some website and they look really fake to me.:wacko:
  2. there's already a thread about this, but the ads are done through google ads, megs and vlad have little if any control over what gets advertised. since the site has grown and the operation costs have increased, the ads are there to offset the hefty bill.
  3. I thought that was odd too!
  4. There were two threads that advertised replica handbags and I just reported it to Vlad and Megs.

  5. Unfortunately we rely on the Google ads to keep things running for free here. We have experienced a massive growth in the past weeks and the operating costs have increased as well. We do not have control over who advertises through the Google ads, they just help us to cover the steep hardware & bandwidth bills. :idea:
  6. For the most part, just dont pay attention to the Google ads, theyre there to "pay the bills". If you want help on authenticity check out the Seller Watch forum. The ladies and gents here are very knowledgable on legitimacy.
  7. It's ashame they can't pick their ads.
  8. In order to keep the site free, like Vlad said, they have to be there. Who cares anyway???? Rest assured, Vlad and Megs don't support fakes at all.
  9. The bills are about $1,400 a month for hardware and bandwidth, just not paying attention to them won't help us much. :sad2: ;)
  10. Yep! click on those things and help support Purse Forum, just don't buy anything from them!
    Better yet, buy from elux through a link you find advertised here!
    I think there should be a donate button on here, I'd Paypal you Vlad!!! Seriously!
  11. Oops! Sorry Vlad. Okay, what Swanky and Vlad said! :shame: (x 1000)
  12. YEAH, me too! We could do what The Fashion Spot does, which is like give you a bigger avatar or something. I would definitely contribute!