Why do ebay remove authentic items?

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  1. :confused1:Can someone give me some advise here.

    I've just had a listing removed this morning for a Chloe Baby Paddington bag which had been listed for a week already.

    The bag was bought by myself from Chloe therefore I know it was authentic. The Chloe ATC thread authenticated it twice but every removed it saying TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT.

    Can anyone tell me what this title actually means and why are they removing authentic items and leaving bags which are obvious fakes.
  2. Well, it depends on whether you like conspiracy theories or not! Some say ebay leaves the fakes because they themselves sell/support selling fakes.

    While there could be some of that going on, I would have to say that they just don't have a dedicated team of people who really know their stuff removing auctions. So a lot of the fakes get by and the real ones get flagged because they simply just don't have the expertise to know.

    Also, could be because you used indirect keywords or something, there are a few threads where people's LV listings were because they used nicknames like LV instead of writing out Louis Vuitton. Any of that apply?
  3. Oh you may have a point, I used paddy instead of paddington at some point within the listing. Good thinking!
  4. Why dont you call ebay and ask them specifically about your listing, so that whatever there reasoning behind the removal can be rectified?!:heart:
  5. This happens to me all the time and it pisses me off that whenever I report fakes, they don't get removed.
  6. Its ridiculous isn't it.
  7. How on earth do you find a number to call, their website is like a maze?
  8. Don't feel bad. You're in good company dealing with the unfairness of Ebay. There is no number to call VERO. They can be contacted by email through Ebay. They will give you some ridiculous automated response. They won't allow you to relist or give you any straight answer as to why your authentic item is not allowed to be sold on Ebay. They will pull any listing that they want wether it has key words or not. I had 2 of my LV listings pulled for no reason. They stated that it's illegal to list replica/counterfit items and that it's trademark infringement to list items without LV permission. WTH? These items were bought directly from LV with the reciepts and correct lisitng format etc. I had over 3500+ feedback and have yet to get my listings relisted or even been able to list on Ebay since they smacked me with a 30 listing ban. They treat honest sellers like criminials and leave the fake listings alone on Ebay. They have been sued by LV and don't want any trouble here in the USA so they are restricting LV, Coach, Chloe, YSL, Chanel etc. listings on Ebay to save their butts! It's the beginning of the end of Ebay allowing small sellers to list their unwanted, authentic, desinger bags on Ebay. It's time to jump ship and find another online site to sell our bags. Just my 2 cents worth.

  9. Thanks for your 2 cents worth. I can't believe I relisted my item again yesterday and by lunch time today it's been removed again. My photos are so clear then show all the correct marking so how can it be removed!!!
  10. I have this tel number 020 8080 2105 - I have used this when I was selling an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. The bag didn't sell & when I tried to re-list Ebay stopped me something to do with my limits.
  11. OMG thats sooooooooooo annoying. I think you will have to wait a few weeks and then try listing it again cos I really don't think you will get much sense out of them.:cursing:
  12. Do you have the term "LIKE NEW" in your listing?


    Someone is reporting you.

  13. I had my 30 day restriction lifted yesterday and immediately relisted some Chanel shoes. Thankfully, it worked and hasn't been pulled yet. I have a bid on the shoes, so I imagine they will pull the listing soon. :rolleyes:
  14. I am so pissed right now! I had a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Watercolor taken down for trademark infringement..... this could be for many reasons but since I didn't use LV's logo, pics, or description it must be the reason that you can't sell fakes. WHAT A JOKE! We have 434 positive feedback and sell bags worth TWICE as much as this Louis Vuitton. Now I have a warning on my dashboard that I'm failing my policy compliance and they will suspend my account if we get another complaint. WTF!?

    I have written to our PowerSeller account rep and he better get that taken off! I have already re-listed the bag because it is full of BULL!
  15. Here is a phone # in the states:


    I received an e-mail directly from eBay about a month ago regarding their "new" customer support. Maybe because I have a store is why they sent it to me, but I have saved the e-mail just in case.