Why do cats love to watch you pee?

  1. Seriously, why?! I can't figure it out.

    I've given up on trying to beat my cat to the bathroom. I just let him in -- and he sits in the bathtub and watches me. It doesn't bother me, I'm just curious as to why it's so amusing to him!
  2. Hmmm... good question. I don't think either of my cats have ever done that, but my dogs always feel the need to run into the bathroom with me. They flop down on the floor. It's crazy!
  3. hahaha! My dog loves to go pee with me. I think they are just nosy, and feel they need to be part of everything. Closing the door makes it all the more intriguing to them like "what is going on in there"
  4. Hahaha what a funny thread. My dog does the same, I think its payback for all the times when I was potty training him. Now he wants to show me what that felt like...LOL.
  5. my kitten loves to watch me going to the toilet too, she even sits at the end of the bath tub and watch me shower.. one time, she was watching me shower and she fell into the bath tub and got herself wet.. :yahoo:

    in fact im curious too.. but i suppose our pets see us as their mama, so they jus want to follow us everywhere we go.. which is quite cute i think! hahaha..
  6. Well, little Amy (in my avatar) not only wants to be in the bathroom with me but also wants to sit on my lap while I'm sitting there. But then she always wants to be wherever I am. I always have to look around me before I take a step because if she's not right in front of me then for sure she is sitting behind me. She doesn't get much rest when I'm home...I try to sneak around but she must be listening with her eyes closed because she never fails to hear me. And she's up again....
  7. maybe he's a reincarnated pervert.

  8. Both my dog and cat like to follow me into the loo. Mostly, the dog. But occassionally, the cat will come in meowing. I think it's cute. The dog, for whatever reason, tries to smell whatever I'm doin'.
  9. LOL :sweatdrop:
  10. lol Yes! My cat used to sit in my lap while I was on the loo, too, when he was a kitten... now he doesn't.
  11. my cat isn't into seeing people peeing (maybe because she don't know about it as we don't let her into the bathroom), but she goes absolutely crazy when we water flowers, so maybe there's something about the sound or something that they find fascinating.
  12. My dog sometimes sits outside of the bathroom waiting for me to come out ... I don't know why, like she's concerned that I may fall into the toilet or something. It's cute .... maybe that's another way they show that they care! :p
  13. My dogs do that too. Then of course DH has to join in to see what is so interesting. Needless to say it gets a bit crowded.
  14. My cats always run into the bathroom when I go. If the door is almost shut, they push it open, wander around, jump into the sink, then leave. I've always wondered why they do that, I guess because they're so curious. Maybe they're intrigued by the sound :p
  15. I have to admit my dog and my cat do this too but the funniest thing is when my cat follows me into the shower! I have to throw her out before I turn on the water but then she just sits there in front of the curtain till I'm done. Its funny because after I finish and pull the curtain back, there she is all puffed up and fluffy looking because of the humidity - then I step out and she steps in to investigate just what went on in there.