Why do buyers return fakes to the seller?

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  1. I bought two Prada nylon messengers a month ago. Since I bought them, I've learned a lot here on tPF. Upon closer inspection, I started thinking they are fake so I had them authenticated. I've been informed they are "MAJOR fake!!!" See post #1216 on Authenticate This Prada. I guess my question is, the times I've had to file a claim on a fake bag (which unfortunately has been more than once), Paypal always has me return the fake to the seller. The bad thing is, this particular seller is in the UK and shipping will cost me a bundle to have it tracked with signature. Why is it Paypal wants the fakes back in the hands of a seller who will just resell them?
  2. Although it's illegal to sell fakes, there are dishonest buyers that claim the item is fake when it is actually authentic. If paypal doesn't require them to return the items, then the sellers would be out of money and the authentic items. I'm afraid this type of claims will tick up once paypal doesn't require buyers to return the items to the seller. Just my two cents here.
  3. Okay, I agree, that makes sense. But if it is a counterfeit on its face and it is visible in the listing photo, why then do you suppose? For the life of me I cannot think of a legitimate reason in that situation.
  4. Because the alternative is to let the buyer keep both their money and the fake.
  5. There is another thread (I can't find it) about someone in Italy who was sold a fake. She is understandably worried about returning the bag because if caught it is mail fraud. Too bad paypal can't figure out a better way to deal with the problem.

    Have you left them feedback? I could be wrong, but one you leave positive feedback you can't file a SNAD
  6. Then the question becomes, why didn't the buyer notice that in the first place, and not buy? Presumably, it wasn't visible in the listing.

    The answer to the original question is that Paypal is after protecting itself against fraud, from buyers; it is not an organization or business committed per se to removing fakes in the marketplace.
  7. No, I have not left feedback yet. When I got them, something just didn't feel right. Then I got on tPF and started learning a little bit about what to look for. Then when I was pretty sure they were fake, I got worried and posted it on tPF to be sure. Sadly, in the beginning I just wasn't educated enough to know the difference, but something was immediately visible to the Prada experts. And I think it is the same detail that finally clued me in.
  8. I've been where you are. I purchased a fake Chanel, got on this site, learned my lesson, but got my money back thankfully as I caught it the same day.

    Call ebay, call paypal...speak to a live person. Good luck
  9. I would get the SNAD filed as soon as possible.
  10. I agree, but Just wondering where PayPal draw a line when they ask buyers to destroy items not to send back? Depends on its brand?