Why do buyers jump the gun?!?

  1. So I listed a few bags on eBay (the start of many a headache, I know)... One of them was a speedy 25 that sold within the first 10 hours or so of being up. I listed it with a buy it now at 53% off retail since it was in good but not mint condition. This is the disclaimer I put on all my auctions:

    I'm not a store or a full time seller, so I will only offer returns based on authenticity. "I don't think this is authentic" is not a valid claim on authenticity... please get your items verified by caroldiva or the wonderful people at The Purse Forum! I know I was very unsure when I first started buying high end items, so please ask any and all questions BEFORE you bid. I try to describe items to the best of my ability, but if you're unfamiliar with a brand I'm more than willing to help.

    Anyway, they pay right away and I ship the same day, etc. I'm thinking eBay isn't so bad... And just now I get this email via eBay:

    Hi, I am planning on sending this purse back to you for a refund. I paid alot of money for it and it is not in that great of shape. Being a purse lover yourself, I know that you will understand. Thanking you in advance, ***

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    Here's my reply:

    "Actually, my auction terms clearly state that I only accept refunds based on authenticity, and this purse is most certainly authentic. Was there information missing in the description? Were my photos not clear enough? I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm just wanting to get your full side of the story. If you research other completed auctions for this item you will see that my pricing is incredibly fair. If perhaps you spent more than you intended to I can offer you 10% of your purchase price. It is a major hassle for me to sell on ebay, which is why I don't do it often, and do not accept returns. "

    I'm not trying to be mean, but I had 6 very detailed pictures, and in my opinion it was in good condition. No stains, scratches, or anything... just normal wear (patina). I feel like crying! I don't want to have to deal with this crap. Did they even read the listing?? Did they look at the pictures??

    What should I do?

  2. I think you handled yourself well. You clearly stated that you don't accept returns unless it has to do with authenticity. Its not your fault if she is suffering from buyers remorse.
  3. Has she replied back since you offered her 10% back? I personally think that you offering her the 10% back right off the bat is more than fair. It's her fault for not asking more questions or not asking you to describe what "normal wear" the bag has in more detail. She probably didnt even read all the details, and it's not your job to make up for her short comings. Stand your ground but continue to be as nice and considerate as possible. Explain to her that because you want to be fair to both yourself and to her, you'd be happy to give her the 10%, but the auction stated that you dont do refunds. Tell her your it's also not part of your policy to give the 10% back, but in consideration of her, the buyer, you want to do it. If she's still being difficult, she probably just has buyers remorse and is trying to work you over. Good luck and I hope it all works out!!
  4. ^Same here, I don't get why some buyers can't clearly read the return policies.
  5. I'm trying to not be really bummed out about this. The fact that she said 'I'm sending it back' and not 'can I send it back' made me feel like she won't take no for an answer. (or didn't read the auction) The thing that gets me is that she sells on a fairly regular basis (nothing over $50 mind you) from her 1000+ feedbacks... maybe she's assuming that it should be no big deal?

    All I can think about are all those darn fees I'd have to eat if I let her return it. It's like going out on an awful date knowing you'll have to pick up the tab.
  6. You handled it well and unless she can point out some specific defect that differs from what your auction said then it's just buyers remorse and that does not count in returns IMO. I wouldn't have even offered her the 10% to be honest because at this point I have seen soooo many people doing this for sellers to get it cheaper from you afterwards as just a scam to not have to pay the price they bid. If she wanted more pictures she could have asked before bidding or auction close.
  7. ^^ yeah... I'm just too nice. Right after they won and paid they asked if it came with the lock (which it did not, as pictured). She sounded so excited about the bag, and seemed to really want it (the lock) so I was actually considering driving 3+ hours to Scottsdale to get one. At least it would have been a good excuse to go shopping...
  8. I really do not think you should either take the purse bag OR refund any of her money. I buy wayyy more than I sell, however seems to me from what she has said by emailing you after auction about lock etc that she is having buyers remorse or something. She can buy the lock herself. The fact is you had the auction running for X amount of days and during that time she could have asked for more pictures etc. I would look to see if she is bidding on any more purses like this also. Seems to me like she is having buyers remorse or just wanting to play on your guilt for you to give her money off of it. Like I said unless she can point out something SPECIFIC about the purse that differs from your auction description... don't do anything at all. I had someone do this with a LV Large Bucket once. I said the opening lining was peeling and even had FIVE pictures devoted to just that top lining and even listed the quote LV gave me to replace the lining. I will be darned if she did not email me saying "the lining is peeling." Ummm.. yep, the auction says and shows it. Descriptions are subjective however, she needs something specific and not just a general I am returning it and you can understand because you like purses etc... ummm.. hello, most women do like purses.
  9. I completely agree. I wouldn't accept the return still..you stated your policy and that's that. If she wants her money back, she can just turn around and relist it.
  10. i wouldnt accept the return either... You clearly state your return policy in your auction and if she didnt agree then she shouldnt have bid. Also i think you were moe then fair offering her 10% back right off the bat. That was very nice of you and you didnt even have to do that.
  11. If this were my predicament, I would write her again and tell her that if she does return it, against your stated policy, you will only issue a refund for the purse, minus your e-bay fees, minus a 20% restocking fee. Or something to that effect. At least in that case you can resell, and I'm sure get as much or more than before, and make a little money off this PITA.
  12. If they are trying to scam or con you, they do not care about the return policy. It might as well be written in disappearing ink. This buyer apparently thought that they could overspend then wear you down with chronic, unfounded complaints. This has happened to me 3 times. I have held my ground and all 3 of these times I have won thru paypal, but it really is annoying. I have 2100 transactions beneath my belt so the ratio is good, but these pita's stick out! I haven't listed anything for sale for a few months because of slow sales and crap like this and to be honest with you, I am leery of doing so. S
  13. Here's the reply I got this morning...

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hi ******, Thank you for responding. No, the photos did not show the purse's true condition in my opinion. I have wanted a LV for a long time and I was very disappointed when I received it. I was expecting it to look alot nicer than it actually does. The hardware is skinned up pretty bad and also it looks dirty. I would appreciate it if you would please refund me at least 200.00 of the price I paid and you can resale the purse on ebay and you will make even more. I would be happy with that solution. Thank you very much, ****

    I hate having to relist it, but her offer seems fair once I've done the math. I won't lose any money, and I don't want things to get nasty.

    BTW... I've attached a picture (one of the six) of this bag, and while none really focus on the hardware you can see that it's past the 'shiny' stage, but I wouldn't say it's scratched...just dull. I'm actually pissed off enough now to go to LV (which I was offering to do anyway) and have this bag cleaned and polished (and get a shiny new lock for it) and sell it for way more than she bought it for.
  14. This is another reason why I seldom use 'buy it now.' Too many people buy impulsively and then regret and make your life miserable....I'd rather have the auction run 7 days so people can think about it and ask all the questions without fear of 'losing' the item. Of course there are always those people who snipe at the very end without asking questions and then have buyers' remorse because they got into the action and bid too high.

    I guess there's no easy way to sell on ebay....:sweatdrop:

  15. I would say be careful about what she returns to you because I know that if I had been waiting for ages like she says she was, I wouldn't be willing to lose $200 of that hard-saved cash. It just sounds a bit suspicious to me. If she is a seasoned seller there is no reason she couldn't have tried to re-sell it herself for at least what she paid.