Why do buyers ignore the Best Offer system?

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  1. Lately I've been getting lots of messages through eBay messages from potential buyers on my BIN with Best Offer listings. What I'm confused about is why they ask:

    1. what my minimum price is?
    2. what price I'm looking to get?
    3. would I accept $___?

    I feel that any/all of the above could be answered by them actually submitting an offer. For 1) I'd really rather not disclose the minimum because I'd rather get higher offers than the bare minimum. For 2) of course the answer is as close to the BIN as possible! LOL and for 3) why don't they try submitting an offer and see if I will officially accept?

    Ladies, please help me understand what these buyers are actually thinking! :smile:
  2. I've been both the buyer and seller on ebay and honestly I don't know. I guess they are just trying to get the lowest possible price.. Like I have done a best offer and it's automatically accepted and I think, I wonder if I could have gotten it cheaper? But I have never straight up messaged a seller asking their minimum..
  3. For many buyers, its a game.. many buyers just want to see what the lowest
    price a seller may be willing to go, so instead of putting an offer in, they
    ask those 3 questions

  4. Truly.

    I just spent this morning messaging back and forth with a buyer that asked me two of the above questions and what do ya know, after getting me to agree to $100 below my minimum, without ever submitting an official offer through the BO system, they've gone silent on me. *sigh*

    I'm beginning to think that these tactics may be about avoiding unpaid-bidder strikes somehow...

  5. I've had that happen too, so I totally understand the feeling! LOL

    I guess at the end of the day though, I comfort myself in thinking that if I wasn't comfortable with the price that was accepted, I would've never made the offer. :smile:
  6. I usually say something to the effect of, "I have a best offer option on the listing. You are welcome to make an offer. Keep in mind that ebay only allows 3 offers so make sure you understand that if they're too low, you won't be able to make further offers. "

  7. That's a really polite and professional way to respond. Thank you, BeenBurned. I'll give that a go the next time someone messages me!
  8. :smile:
  9. If someone asks me "how low I'll go" or something to that effect I just ask them what price they had in mind. It's the offerer's job to make an offer.
  10. It would be annoying to receive questions like that. You clearly stated your starting point. Now it's their turn to make an offer! As all buyers, they just want to pay as less as possible so they try it on asking those type of questions. I would send exactly what BB said and leave it like that.
  11. I'll give you my take on it from the buyer's side... this is what has happened to me... I make an offer and never hear back from the seller.

    Not super lowball either maybe 15% less (or 20, but I'm thinking I'll move to 15). The seller NEVER answers. If I offer again I'm bidding against myself. If I offer again twice, not only am I bidding against myself, I've used up my chances and am blocked as BB said.

    So I try to email the seller first to see if there is even a possibility of a meeting of minds.
  12. This doesn't make sense to me. If you're dealing with a seller who can't be bothered to respond to an official Best Offer, why would you think they would be any more motivated to respond to a fishing message about their lowest acceptable price?
  13. I didn't say i asked their lowest acceptable price, I said I make an opening offer of 15 to 20% below their BIN.

    You asked what buyers were thinking, I tried to explain.
  14. lizmil, I get what you're saying. In fact, I've responded to buyers before who have actually made official offers and have been auto-rejected twice and have messaged me to ask what my minimum is, so that they don't get rejected a third time. I've also responded with the price I'm looking to sell if for, so I do understand when buyers in this situation ask me about my pricing.

    It's the ones that never make an official offer that I'm scratching my head about! :smash:

    Also, I would be thrilled if I had an offer within 15% of my BIN price! Most of the ones I've been getting are asking for a 30-50% discount. :amazed:
  15. I don't know the answer to your original question but I'll tell you what - too many questions about pricing will land a buyer on my BBL pretty quickly, as they tend to out themselves as being total PITA's.

    ESPECIALLY when they make a "BO" on an item that does not have a BO option. I just had someone do that, which I rejected. They bought the item at full price, then dinged my stars.