Why do bags from different designers have the same name or 'nickname' as Chanels??

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  1. For example: Chanel has a Cabas,so does LV
    Chanel has a Kelly, so does Hermes (OK Hermes started it) ...

    My mind is blank but I know there are many more -

    I guess who starts the name and who gets credit first?

    I am sure other companies have east-west bags, bowlers, etc.
  2. yea, i always wondered that myself. mj has a east west bag too!
  3. Well, I recently read in a dutch magazine these bags are named after famous women. E.g. the birkin bag is named after Jane Birkin. the director of Hermes just happened to sit next to her on a plane and after seeing her not so pretty canvas bag he offered to design her a bag... (I'll try to look up the article and quote some more....)
  4. So I just read it again, there aren't too many examples unfortunately, but the Kelly bag from Hermes is named after Grace Kelly. So I'm guessing Chanel wanted a bag named after her too.. and then you have the Gucci Jackie O (named after Jackie Kennedy). Apparantly all the bags with names of women are named after someone...

    It did make me wonder a while back who my Chanel Madison was named after...

    Can't help you out with the other names though, like bowler, cabas etc. But I would say that's just a style name they use in the designer world?
  5. Gets a bit confusing ... I mean I guess it is ok to name them after muses or icons but if Chanel starts with say the Cabas, don't they patent the name? Or the style for that matter? I know I will get shot for this but Marc Jacobs comes to mind, the stams remind me of Chanel so much and now I just saw something in Barneys that I could have sworn was Gucci ...but nope it was MJ ...

    And the horsebit, Gucci, Ferragamo, Lauren ...

    Where is the creativity?
  6. The Chanel kelly isnt officially named a kelly bag, and the east west bag is more about the shape of it. Most designers have an east west version of certain bags, etc. Maybe Cabas means something in French that is pretty general.
  7. According to my diccionary 'cabas' meens: 'fruit basket, shopping bag'
    Well, that explains a lot :biggrin:
  8. yeah, most bags are named for the shape that the bag is. its not like omg, who stated the "flap" bag! and like argue over it. lol.
  9. East wests, pochette, poche documents, cabas, messenger, bowler, duffle etc etc are names of models shapes and sizes, nothing more. For example LV doesen't have one "cabas", it has antigua cabas, utah cabas etc.
  10. :yes:
    Most are descriptions, not names per se. For example N/S totes or E/S flaps are simply descriptions that all designers use.
  11. Similar themes in bags is not something that can be protected by intellectual property law. Obviously, a total knock off that includes the trademark would violate copyright law, but just having similar ideas isn't enough. As for the name of a bag, clearly brands like Chanel and LV have a trademark in their own brand name, but it would be really hard to get a trademark approved for the name of a bag, especially if the name is something very general or descriptive. That being said, I do think that lack of creativity and being "inspired" by iconic bags has become commonplace.
  12. Like others have said, several names refer to the shape of the bag. East-west refers to a bag that is wider than it is tall; bowler resembles the style of the bowling bags (bowling used to be so popular!). Someone already defined "cabas".
  13. an interesting tidbit about the Cabas: actually, its called Coco's Cabas.......... with the singular possessive meaning and spelling. So, if Cabas means basket or fruit basket as a PFer stated above (a fact that i love, btw!) , then Coco owned one, and maybe Karl knew it and wanted to design a bag that was the reincarnation of one she used and loved :smile: