Why do "AND" searches never work for me?

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  1. I have tried doing searches for threads/posts that have TWO words in them (I want to filter out the posts that don't have BOTH words); it never seems to work for me.

    Two searches I just tried were:

    aloha AND day
    aloha AND work

    they both bring up all the posts with 'aloha' in them, regardless of whether 'day' or 'work' is present.

    Any insight? Am I doing something wrong?
  2. I have the same problem. It really sucks when you're looking for something and have to wade through 100's of posts because the search results aren't accurate..
  3. I'd love it if there was easier way to search!
    Too many results with no way of narrowing it down.
  4. ^^Agree. I was trying to look for two words and it gave me all posts that had either!!
  5. I am not sure if this can be helped a ton... but i will ask Vlad to look into it. It bothers me too :shrugs:
  6. Another thing - there is no way to search on phrases ... e.g. "sample sale wholesalers" was one I just tried.

    I am confused, because I could have SWORN that I have read messages in the past on this subforum that indicated you could do both the "AND" type search and the "quoted phrase" type search. Was I imagining that?

    Guess I could do a search to see ... LoL... ;)
  7. yeah it bothers me too like if you're looking for "sample sale" it will show you all threads that have the word sample and all threads that have the word sale. Maybe if you can search within a search. Like search for sample, then in that search, search again for sale. Just an example...
  8. Just bringing this up again since I encountered this issue myself tonight... thank you!
  9. oh, I ran into it too, just tonight.....
    Thanks meg, you are such a sweetie!!!!!
  10. Ya, this bothers me, too. I usually just spend few hrs to read them ALL.:wtf::Push: We need your help, Vlad.:heart:
  11. Vlad has been talking to the techs a ton about this trying to resolve the issue. They keep working on it!

    Thanks for being patient everyone!
  12. I feel like such a retard. I was researching for weeks on why some users had problems with the boolean search... just to figure out that MP eligible users had the boolean search turned off.

    It's on now, and working. :hs:
  13. it's not working! I can only get OR... even if I type AND. Please, please, please help.
  14. I had the same problem but now it's working fine
  15. Try searching just in thread titles and you will see that the AND search operator works.