Why do all girls like LV bags?

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  1. I like watching my own toenails grow.
  2. I also like eating them after.
  3. I thought you were banned already????
  4. why was she banned?
  5. So far s/he wasn't, but that won't take long... Take a look on that website in the signature (no, don't do it, it's gross! :yucky:)...
    I don't get why those people still come here... Yucky fakes in tPF... there couldn't be a place more wrong.
  6. I think she will be Sofa King Banned, she's promoting that replica website in her siggy again

  7. Hahaha! Hey! Free bags for all!
  8. lolz
  9. Can I say anyting again,I say sorry to everybody,If I did anyting wrong.
  10. What you're doing wrong is that you are selling counterfeit LV and are promoting it on the forum in your signature!!!
  11. That is so ridiculous, now s/he has put it back in the signature... :banned:

  12. karman,are you from hongkong ?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.