Why discriminate!?

  1. Straight from the Elux website!

    Free ground shipping on all orders. Enter promotion code MDAY at checkout. Offer is valid until Monday, April 30, 11:59 PM PDT. Offer applies on standard (ground) shipping to a single address only. If you choose multiple addresses, an additional charge of $8 per address will apply. If you choose priority or express delivery, full charges will apply. This offer is not valid on previously purchased merchandise and cannot be combined with other offers. This offer is non-transferable. This offer does not apply to packages shipped to Hawaii or Alaska.


    They must have caught all the freebie Express Mails I consumed in March for my azur set.... :graucho:

    now they're just lucky I'm not in the market for anything until the end of next month!

    And when did they start shipping to HI?
  2. It also sucks that they charge tax for people in california (and TN) no savings for me :crybaby:
  3. i think only LV is not sold to hawaii.
  4. I know I hate that too!

  5. yep--- no LV or Celine to HI---- that sux also..

    oh well..............I am going to be a :hysteric: until I get my fuschia speedy....I have tunnel vision and it's NOT going away until I have one!!!:supacool:
  6. Don't you pay for LV in HI a bit lower price than in mainland?

    If so, why bother eLux??
  7. Ditto!:sad:
  8. this is true, which is why i don't bother with elux. of course the closest boutique is about 45 min away (far for hawaii standards). then again that's a good thing, or else i'd be there everyday!!!

    but with the case on maui. there isn't a dior or tod's boutique on the island. so i can see how this may be a bit infuriating.
  9. Elux is in San Francisco that's why we're taxed. Why TN though, warehouse?
  10. Yeah, I knew that Elux was located in SF and that is the reason for the CA sales tax.

    For some reason EVERYTHING that is shipped to TN is taxed. I am not sure exactly why. Here is how I know. I work for a computer reseller and we never pay sales tax when we order from our suppliers. Just the other day I had to buy something for a client that is located in TN and we were charged tax for the first time ever. I called and asked about it and I was told that unless we have a special reseller permit just for TN they must charge tax. Well, we have one for California but not TN. So it has something to do with the laws in TN. I guess they want all the money they can get.:cursing:
  11. I was under the impression they had a warehouse in TN & that's why TN got taxed. Hmmmm.....
  12. Correct. eLux ships from TN, so TN orders are taxed.