Why different prices on same PT??

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  1. Ok so I have found 2 PT in black. But Im wondering why is Aloha Rag $1295 and Diabro $1041 for the same bag? Does this make sense, why would this be?
  2. AR prices are uniform with other US retailers, like BalNY and Nieman Marcus. Diabro will lower the price on their Bbags depending on the color, year, etc. I suspect that Diabro's Black PT is from 2006, and they're trying to sell it off to make room for current season offerings. You'll notice that bags which are current season have the 2007 designation on them.

    HTH! :smile:
  3. Is the leather nice on the 06 PT?
  4. And I think it depends on the Currency rate as well on Diabro...
    One day can be such and the next day can jolt up or lower down depends on the exchange rate on that day...
  5. Jenni, just wanted to let you know that Aloha Rag is a great place to order from. Despite them being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, they are very quick with their service. I have always received answers to my emails within a couple of hours of sending them, and orders are shipped very quickly. I can definitely recommend buying from them. However, I have no experience with Diabro, so I can't say anything about them.
  6. FYI, while ordering from overseas, you will have to pay duties in addition to the price of the bag...
  7. Aloha seems very reputable. But now after reading all this Im leaning towards a city instead of a PT.