Why didn't seller respond to best offer?

  1. I put in a best offer price two days ago and the seller never responded, not even with a decline. The seller had declined other offers. Why didn't seller just decline mine (or counter-offer)? I know technically they are allowed to wait but I can't help but feel a little miffed. Two days of waiting and wondering and not being able to bid on anything else. Is this common?
  2. They are supposed to reply within 48 hours. I've never had to wait that long for an answer when I've submitted best offers. I would say, it's not common. If it's been more than 48 hrs., I'd assume it's a no-go and they are either rude or they've had an emergency of some kind. I'd be annoyed, too.
  3. ^^^ Thanks for the reply. I guess the seller lost out in the end though because I would have probably went higher but there is no way I will buy the bag now. It is still for sale. :P
  4. I've noticed some discussion here about sellers not responding to offers they consider to be too low. I don't know if that was the case in your situation. I tend to always respond, becuase there is the possibility of making a counter-offer--a nice feature IMO, but maybe the seller felt there wasn't enough room to reach a desired price point.
  5. YES THAT HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE!!! and the sale ended with a buy-it-now........... so i guess my offer would have been too low anyways..itd just be nice if they actually RESPONDED so i can bid on something else..
  6. I never get a response back from my Best Offers. . . it's annoying but has been 'normal' to me as they either accept it or completely ignore it :sad:
  7. A seller does not have to respond to a Best Offer....although, goodness, isn't it just courteous to do so? Anyway...among the options that Ebay offers a seller with Best Offer is the option of no response. I guess that's what your seller did.
  8. Seriously, you'd think some of these sellers would behave more professionally, if not more courteously. How ANNOYING
  9. Well girls it works both ways ...... I had an auction that I listed, I got an offer, I then countered and the buyer never responded!!
    I try to respond with either a decline or a counter offer and on the rare offer actually accept!! but then again I think sometimes people get offers that are just crazy and instead of responding they just let the offer sit.