Why didn't my mulberry (bought from an outlet in UK) come with dust bag???

  1. Last week, i asked my friend who is studying in London to buy a mulberry bag for me from an outlet located in Brixton (not quite sure tho) and post to me since i live in Denmark . I got a Rosemary, the one that look exactly like Roxanne but just around 3 cm smaller. Normally, it costs £495, but i paid only £247. However, It didn't come with dust bag, and care card, but only the price tag and mulberry clearance tag. Is it normal for such outlet that they don't give the dust bag and care card? Or i should worry that i bought a fake???

    I have attached some picture of the bag and the tags. It would be awesome, if someone could help me out. :smile:


  2. No,you have'nt bought a fake,they had probably run out of dustbags,just call them and ask them if they have anymore in and would they mind sending you one??? Ask your friend if she could collect and send actually as I don't think they post to Denmark!!!xxxxxxxxxx
  3. Don't worry. I bought a Joni from the York outlet before Christmas and it didn't come with a care card or dustbag. They are very short of dustbags at the moment and told me that if I called after Christmas, they'd send me one. Perhaps get your friend to try this for you.

    The care cards just go missing as the bags are old stock and have been kicking around for a while. Again, it might be worth calling to ask if they've got them. Tell them it's your first Mulberry and you want to look after it properly.

    Can't see your pics but, unless your friend has pulled a switcheroo, I'm sure the bag is genuine.:tup:


    Btw, I think the outlet is probably Bicester (pronounced bister) rather than Brixon
  4. Hi Ruti - I would post the pictures on the this forum to be sure as we are unable to see what has been posted. I have bought several other designers bags from authorised stores not just outlets and have had dustbags missing and when l queried it they advised that not all their stock comes with dustbags.

    I live approx. 5 miles from Brixton and as far as l am aware there is not a Mulberry outlet store there, the nearest ones to me would be either Bicester or SM. It may well be a shop that sells all ex stock from various other designers.
  5. Yes, it's Bicester!!! That sounds more familiar :smile: i just didn't remember exactly what my friend told me...hehe

    Thanks girls. it helps a lot!!!
  6. I just saw it's often said "come with dust bag and care card" when mulberry bags are put for sale, so it makes my thought why mine didn't. Basically i'm sure my bag is genuine because my close friend who have a few mulberry bags herself bought it and she said she bought it from authorized outlet. Previously, it was just the thought that all bags come with dust bag and care card made me curious.;)
  7. Not to worry, I've bought ones at the SM outlet and some didn't come with dust bags, so I simply took them out of some of the other bags! As long as they have the authentication tag then they are genuine :biggrin:
    Take this from a Mulberry expert!