Why didn't I think of that?!

  1. Have you ever bought a H bag and after some time, spotted another leather/colour combination (either IRL or here in tPF) and just want to kick yourself for, either a) not coming up with that leather/colour combi yourself or b) not being patient enough to wait for that "perfect" leather/colour combi, and settled for the 'next best thing'?

    Is this the premise why we all just buy more and more H bag???? :Push:
  2. LOL...I would guess that explains some of the bags listed in the Marketplaza???
  3. YES!!! My orange epsom plume. I got that, and the next week I was in Chicago looking at a gorgeous Rouge H in buffalo (sorry, don't know the official name of the leather)! My a$$ was hurting from all that self-kicking!!
  4. Hmmm, kinda. When I bought my clemence bj birkin (which is now sold), I found one in a better condition made from togo for a slightly higher price being listed by a friend of mine at another board. I was kicking myself so hard I didnt wait a lil longer to buy my bj!
  5. Yes for me....that is why I have sold a few in the last few months and purchased a "few" others lol!! Same with accessories -- bought a too large agenda, too small, and now going for a medium (call me Goldilocks!)...Even the color issue has amazed me at a few I loved 6 mos. ago, and now am kind of "over"....so I'm partially afraid that I won't love what I have for very long and lose a lot of money in the process! I have narrowed it down though I think...;)
  6. Yup!.. i bought two birkins in togo.. but when i got my crocodile birkin, couldnt use them and decided to sell them (Already sold) and buy ONLY crocodile/ostrich birkin/kelly.
  7. Yup--kept looking for that "electric blue", went for a Kelly through a reseller on eBay thinking it was close enough, only to realize that it wasn't what I had wanted so I barely used it and sold it to another lovely TPFer. Thankfully the right color came along a few years later from Hermes so patience paid off!
  8. No - I'm quite anally retentive with my 'list', and will stick to it, as I have put much thought in to it (wardrobe, versatility, variety with other bags etc) - it helps that I have to wait in between bags to afford the next one (I have negotiated a one bag per year deal with DH!), so I have to put a lot of thought into it.....

    Choc Birkin - Dark
    Toile Birkin - Light
    Black Kelly - Formal
    Anis Kelly - Casual
    Chamonix Birkin - In between, and will match much of my wardrobe...

    did I mention I'm also an obssesive list-maker, and work in the fashion industry??? LOL!! Can't you tell?
  10. I love it how the truth always comes out!!!!!
  11. I bought a Birkin in togo once and sold it to buy another Birkin, also I bought a Cyclamen Kelly and sold that too, to buy a black box kelly.
  12. This is what I'm afraid of, so I am sticking with a basic color like Gold or Black for my first Birkin :shame:
  13. LOL :lol:
  14. Pelinaka, I am not sure if your lifetime experience with Hermes will change, I am told ladies go through stages of growth/maturity with H bags. 1st Birkin/Kelly - gold/black. Followed by a more colourful choice, then when means permit, a few more colours before the exotics kick in, and after that, they simplify their colour options and return to the basics again. :graucho:

    Can anyone identify with this?
  15. Not me mrssparkles...I'm all over the map lol!! I love the colors of Hermes so much it's hard for me to go to the basics....yet...I am finding I'm not using my fuschia as much lately...and am awaiting a raisin which will be in place of a black...10 yrs. ago I bought 2 of the blue bags....sold those and bought yet another one....
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