Why did you decide to leave your home country?

  1. I love reading everyone's signatures/locations and I have noticed that a lot of you are staying in another country than your home country.

    So I was wondering: why did you decide to leave your home country? For the love of your life? For study? For work? For your husbands work?
    And are you planning to go back eventually?

    Thanks in advance for sharing with me. :flowers:
  2. I moved over to Australia for my hubby. He is an Aussie and when we decided to get married, I made the decision to move over. We are looking at moving back over to the US in the future.
  3. i moved to the US for hubby :smile: we met and got married in Jamaica, he's from here and wanted to come back after living in Jamaica for 5 years.. what's a gal to do?? lol
  4. I moved to the U.S because of war, not by choice more by force(well to actually stay alive). I am from Bosnia, but have been in St. Louis for 14 years.
  5. first for my education/ career
    now the second time for my family (hubby and son)
  6. That must have been so awful for you. I'm glad you have found a save place to live. :heart:
  7. I moved to Holland (and Singapore...and New Zealand) for my Husband's work. We're hoping to get back to Australia to settle sometime soon.
  8. Well...I don't know where my "home country" is...Considering I was born in Germany and lived a majority of my life in the United States. I'm a US & German citizen.

    I decided to come back to Germany after my parents separated last year. My mom is German and the love of my life (now DH) lives here - so...I came back :smile:

    I don't know if I'll go back to the US. It's a big thing to think about now that I have a child. We plan on raising her in a bilingual household, German and English - so I don't think language should be a problem. I dunno!
  9. mainly for school
  10. I didn't have much choice in the matter, since I was 10 when we moved. My parents moved us mainly because of a repressive Islamic regime that made daily life frustrating, especially for non-muslims (I'm from Iran). I plan on moving to the US in the next year or so (from Canada, where I am now), mainly because my family is moving and I don't want to be the only one left here.
  11. Cal, I'm happy for you that you're going back to Australia! No more broodjes kroket for you! ;)
  12. once i moved to italy for studying and now i'm in germany for work. :smile:
  13. I am French and I moved to Denmark for work, got a job offer in my dream company, whereas in France there wasn't any jobs at all :sad:
    I think I'll eventually go back but don't know when...I wait for the economy to get better and people's mentality to evolve.
  14. My family moved to NZ for us kids' education. Still here because DH is Kiwi and wants to remain in NZ. I'm working on changing his mind.....
  15. Changing his mind to go back to.....? Good luck with that! :smile: