Why did you choose an Elgin?

  1. I'm trying to make a Mulberry purchase, as you can see from all the threads I've started... to educate myself.
    You Elgin owners: why did you choose an Elgin...over a Bayswater, or any other Mulberry? What did it do for you that the others didn't? Is it too boxy? Too long? Is it comfy on the shoulder? Tell me why I should love an Elgin? (I'm between a Bayswater, a Perry, an Elgin, and a Roxy but only on sale...) Thanks!:jammin:
  2. The Elgin was my first Mulberry bag. It was half price on Net-a-Porter and only available in chocolate. I probably wouldn't have got chocolate as a first choice (it doesn't look that great in photos) but I'm glad I didn't have a choice as it is gorgeous irl. It's very versatile and rich looking (and stands up to rain really well ;))

    The shape works very well for me - it's a really great tote bag. It's easy to get into & out of. Hangs well in the crook of your arm, can be carried in the hand and sits comfortably on the shoulder, much more so than the Bayswater for me.

    I like that it's boxy and quite masculine, I guess. It's much more casual than the Bayswater, if that makes any difference to your decision. Also, bear in mind that it's open at the top - some people don't like that from a security point of view. Or, if you get lots of rain (which I think you do) you might worry about stuff inside getting wet.

    However, I think the Elgin is kind of an unsung hero. It certainly doesn't have the reputation of the Bayswater or Roxanne but that's another reason I love it. There are far fewer "inspired" versions all over the place whereas there are Bayswater inspired versions everywhere.
  3. I've got an Elgin in olive. Like Dita, I bought it because it was on sale from Net a Porter.

    I agree with everything Dita has written (I'm stalking you round the forum this time!!).

    I am growing to love my Elgin more and more. It fits lots of stuff inside, so it's a great work bag. It feels comfortable on the shoulder.

    The only downside is that it's open at the top, so I wouldn't take it to London, for example, where I am more security conscious.
  4. I have a chocolate Elgin that I (also) got from a net-a-porter sale (50% off). At the time I was looking for a work bag (must fit loads of stuff and A4s. As soon as I saw this one was on sale, I knew my search was over ;). I have been very happy with it!

    You can really fit a lot in it and you can carry it on your shoulder (this was another requirement for me), but in your hand as well. The fact that it is open from the top is a plus for me as I often need to dig through it for my phone, keys, pens etc (often while I'm on the go). I'm not really worried about pick-pockets (not really a problem in my area), but if I feel there's a risk, I just "hug" it close to me. Most of the important stuff is either in the zippered pocket or at the bottom of the bag, so I trust I would feel if someone was trying to steal something.

    So, in short, why I chose this one over the Bayswater (which I also love, but don't yet own) is that it was easy to carry on the shoulder and easy to get into and, of course, that it was on sale ;)
  5. I'm another one who also got the chocolate from the NAP fall sale :blush:

    I was actually after something in tan/oak at that point, but it seemed like too good a bargain to resist. Really glad now too - it's a great bag. As the others have said - it's hardwearing, sturdy, easy to carry, quite rugged, and I like that it is quite understated.

    It is heavy though, even when I resist the urge to fill it up. Although having said that, your other choices would be quite heavy too - especially the Roxanne!