Why did they name it "Speedy"?

  1. So my infatuation with the speedy has sparked my curiosity. Anybody know why they named it "speedy"? Sorry, since I got my first speedy last weekend, I'm totally obsessed with it.
  2. That's a very good question :supacool:
  3. I would guess because its for the woman on the go?:confused1:
  4. hmmm i have no clue...
  5. I have no clue.....
  6. I e-mailed LV to ask them. Probably won't be til tomorrow before I get a response. For some reason, I just REALLY want to know.:upsidedown: I know, I'm goofy sometimes!
  7. Good question! :smile: I have been wondering as well..I wanted to ask you. where did you buy your bag? Did you go to the mall in plano or the galleria or northpark? Just wondering because i'm always on the lookout for a good SA..
  8. Lol... So cute of you! Do share with us the info when they get back to you. ;)
  9. lol. o wells. i wanna know too!
  10. I got this one at the galleria. My SA there is Cody. He is the best one in that store IMO. He's just as picky as I am about lv. If you're ever in there, ask for him. He's very patient if you're like me and want to think things over and look at tons of bags! I love Michelle who works in Plano at Willow Bend in Neiman Marcus lv. Do you use someone specific?
  11. Drat! I saw so many response on the thread, I thought some one might have known....

    Good question.
  12. Good question...I have always wondered that myself.
  13. let us know what they say!!!!

  14. OMG!! Michelle is my SA! :smile: and the last time I was at the galleria I spoke to Cody..how cool..

    I use Michelle but I just wanted to know who you used (hoping that maybe we used the same person..):yes: I think Michelle is so helpful and so was Cody..the reason i asked was because NM doesnt take visa (where michelle works) and I know the LV boutique does so I was thinking about switching but then I felt like I might be cheating on Michelle..:roflmfao:
  15. ...I just bought my first LV from the willowbend mall n i really hafta say i think Michelle is the nicest one in the LV boutique...ive had a really bad experience with another one but i dont remember his name but was very rude!!! ArGh!!