Why did no one tell me about this bag???

  1. Jimmy Choo Ramona in Zebra hair-calf?
    IT IS GAW-JESS!!!! :drool:
  2. Wow! :nuts: It is striking, isn't it?

    I wish they did it in tiger stripes, too. :yes:
  3. Love It!:yes:
  4. Wow THAT is a bag! :nuts: Don't think I'd wear it...maybe if I weren't a student. I'd certainly gawk at it though!
  5. Love it! I've been digging zebra stripes a lot this season.
  6. It looks so warm and cozy... I just want to hug it! lol! :love:
  7. OMG!!! that bag is to die for. absolutely striking.
  8. I like this much better than the kate spade zebra bags. Nice!
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