Why did Louis vuitton stop treating the vachetta leather?

  1. I know a lot of people love the patina.. But why did lv decide to use untreated leather? They used to treat it before.
  2. you mean the cowhide leather was once being treated?? :smile:
  3. Yes, LV use to use a finished leather product, it was a carmel color leather.
  4. Is that just the French Company bags though or Louis Vuitton itself?
  5. some of the older vintage bags have the carmel color cowhide treated leather, I have an vintage Papillon that has this type of leather. I have taken to LV to get the handles replaced but they no longer use this type of leather, I wish they did, it does not show dirt or water marks
  6. Vintage items made by the French Company for LV used a treated smooth-grain leather or pigskin (really!). LV used a treated smooth-grain leather and a treated cross-grain leather for the Mono Papillon (until about 2003/2004 for the latter), then they were made with untreated vachetta like the other Mono items.
  7. I think they don't treat the vachetta anymore to cut production costs & garner more profits. :sad: Lots of companies are doing this nowadays.
  8. Plus, many people don't like the darker look and will pay $$$ to get their handles replaced after only a year or two. It's built in return business

  9. My first LV was a French Company Speedy 35 back in late 1980. Ohhhhhhh I am telling my age!!!

    At the time, they were offering the untreated vachetta, but I didn't want it because was afraid of the leather becoming dirty.

    I still have and carry that bag to this day, and with a couple of dings here and there, she looks brand new.
  10. Well the untreated vachetta looks more feminine but I guess the treated dark-coloured ones are more practical..


    I have a Damier Azur manufactured in 2008. I wonder if thats the treated or untreated leather? Anyone..?
  11. ^^ Azur from 2008 is untreated leather for sure. If carried a lot the vachetta will get a tan quickly though.
  12. as far as i understand you cant just take the cow cut it up and its untreated vachetta, vachetta still requires some sort of processing and special treatment. cheap "genuine" leather does not patina. i would be shocked if vachetta did not require as much treatment as other kinds of leather LV sells.
  13. You are right Elliespurse, mine is a tan or at least much darker than the ones I see on Louis Vuitton website.. sad :sad:

    How much is it to get handles replaced?
  14. ^^ Replacing handles could be $100 but you have to ask in a LV store..

    Also, have you tried alcohol-free baby wipes to see if the handles could be cleaned?