Why did I wait so long? Lovin' the George Foreman grill

  1. for some incredibly dorky reason, I didn't use the George Foreman grill I got as a b-day present last year for almost an entire YEAR! Man, I love it now!! Dinner in 10 minutes...what's not to love? I made a spicy chicken rub, dipped chicken breasts in it, grilled 8 min and voila...dinner! :yahoo:
  2. oh girl! that thing is my lovvaahh :biggrin: dh and i grill pretty much all our chicken/meat/fish and i LOVE the GF grill!! LOVE IT! do you have the one with the plates that can be removed?
  3. Yeah, when I lived alone and didn't have my DH to grill stuff for me, my GF grill was a lifesaver! But back then they didn't have the one with removable grill plates so it was a real pain to clean....
  4. I bought one a long time ago after I saw Aidan grilling chicken breast strips on SATC. I worn out mine cause I used it a lot! And now I'm looking forward to getting a bigger GF grill. ;)
  5. If we dont light up the outdoor grill....we plug that thing in! I :heart::heart::heart: it.
    I really swear by it, I think without that SO would not have lost 60 lbs already. And the clean up ont he new ones! Soooo easy! Just pop the plates out and throw them in the dishwasher. We used to have the old one that you had to scrape clean:push:
  6. I love my GF grill as well. The model I have does not have removeable plates but I find cleaning to be quick and easy.
  7. i love love mine as well. I acutally own two, the small size which will hold two pieces of chicken and also the large family size which can hold up to 12 burgers. I love Mr. Foreman.
  8. I've been thinking about getting one of these. This thread has won me over. Hello, George!
  9. Yep I've got the removable plates. What a no brainer...snap 'em off, rinse and throw in the DW :tup:. What's not to love here, girls!! Get one already!!! :yahoo:
  10. :wtf: YOU CAN THROW IT IN THE DISHWASHER? Why have I never thought of this? I've been manually scraping mine this entire time! The idea of putting those in the dishwasher had seriously never even crossed my mind, which I know sounds really ridiculous. You don't even know the amount of time and energy you've saved me.

    Seriously though, I loove my grill, even though it's the GE knock-off, not the real version. I use it practically every day. I'm really busy once school starts, and I'm a horrible cook to begin with, so this thing saves me a lot of hassle and frustration daily.
  11. Yeah, I want the new one with the removable plates--they are so awesome, I have used the GF for almost 10 years, ever since college!!
  12. I should buy one...
  13. Pursegrrl, what spices did you put on your chicken breasts? I'm always looking for different ways to do chicken. We usually bake chicken or grill it outside, but I'm going to have to finally break down and get a GF myself.
  14. I use my GF grill for everything! i don't cook meat on anything else-it's marvelous!