Why Did I Sell My Begeren Moorea Tote? Do I Want Her Back?

  1. Ah - nights up on the computer...gets you thinking...like something akin to old boyfriends or something....I remember my Moorea Totes by Begeren. Sold each and everyone.....maybe I needed money to buy other bags....I know one of them wasn't up to snuff...but they were cute. Was it because they were only hand-held bags, something a Mom like me wouldn't have any use for? But not all bags are meant to be completely practical......right????

    Do I miss her? Should I? Or like an old boyfriend, forgive and forget....:confused1:
    Picture 1.jpg
  2. LOL at the old boyfriend analogy! I think the tote is really adorable! As for bags being practical, I agree that some bags can be just fun and totally frivolous, and I have both types! So I think that if you really miss her, you should totally buy her again!
  3. I really like the Moorea too. Though, I never got my hands on one, I never stopped thinking about them. Rethink what it was that bothered you. If you know it belongs in your collection, I agree with ChenChen, and you should rebuy it.
  4. This is my fear every time I sell or return a bag: will I regret it? 99% of the time I don't, but all it takes is one and you're gunshy after that. I think itzme is right, spend some time on the doctor's couch reconsidering what it was that caused you to give it up in the first place. If things have changed, perhaps the time is right again for this bag to come back in your life!
  5. LOL I notice you do that a lot! I remember you were saying how you sold your tano sexbombs and then you miss it so much that you had to re-purchase them - and then sell them again - which reminds me - do you still have anymore sexbombs? or you sold all of them already?

    I guess that is why I always keep my bags for so damn long - so long that they lose their resell value hahaha - I don't want to have to let it go and regret...

    As for the Moorea tote - I don't know - its adorable and all - but I haven't even used mine since I bought it. I just couldn't use it because I need my hands all the time and it was totally handheld.

    But all in all it is a wonderful bag - nicely designed, beautiful leather - perfectly understandable if you want to get it back!
  6. Hey Tenmosquito! How are you!!! Long time no talk!

    Yeah, Tanos have gone the way of the dodo birds' great great grandparents. Last year it was all about bait and switch with Koobas. Lately, it's been about Moni Monis. Well, at least I'm consistent...consistently FLAKEY!

    Those Mooreas are on sale - I was considering the nice neutral brown one pictured,but they have a cool pink and a jade color. Those probably aren't the most practical....
  7. I honestly think the Begeren Moorea Tote is VERY cute... I saw the ballerina one (pink) and it was adorable lol.. I think that handbags should be functional but at the same time it's an important "accessory"-regardless of the function. I know that they're having a sale on the bags at the acutal site for 250. They have the color that you have posted, and I think the jade is lovely as well.
  8. More pics in toffee:
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