why did i put myself down to waitlist for the hampstead PM? ARGH.

  1. gotcha!!!!! :nuts:

    after thinking about it for a week or so....did i waitlist because i REALLy wanted a bag? or because i wanted to congratulate myself for graduation?

    with the success in landing myself a really good job in a company situated right opposite SCP, i'd say...to congratulate myself for graduation and also getting the job in such a well known pharmaceutical company!!!!

    my job starts mid march..which will give me two weeks to save up for the bag with my new salary :yahoo:

    way to go rensky! :rolleyes::shame:
  2. congrats, again
  3. ^^^ thanks!!! im still so excited!!!
  4. congratulations! you must be so proud... you deserve to treat yourself with a new bag (heck we all deserve a treat ;) ). Though its rather dangerous if your workplace is opposite LV?!!
  5. wow, congratulations! You should buy a lot of bags!
  6. yay! congrats
  7. i swear i will be at SCP every day!
  8. Congrats rensky!!!! This is great news:yes: :yahoo:
  9. Congratulations! Treat yourself well!
  10. Way to go!!!! Awesome news and yes, you deserve a damie!!!!!

    Many blessings and......your futures so bright...I gotta wear shades!!!!

  11. congrats! i just put myself down for a hampstead MM this week :smile:. can't wait!
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  13. :lol:


  14. Yay for you! The Hampstead is so gorgeous!
  15. Horray!!! It's soo worth it, go for it! Triple Congrats on ur Grad, Good Job, and LV!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :party: :drinks: