why did i not get a dust bag grrr

  1. i got a bag from qvc and no dust bag anyone else ever get a bag with no dust bag this is my first dooney bag :sad:
  2. aww i'm sorry, i don't know QVC's policy but maybe you could call and inquire about it?

    i bought my first bag from TJMaxx and i got a dustbag, but when i bought one from the factory store (a barrel bag) there was no dustbag, it's kinda hit or miss! i'm sorry to hear you didn't get one.

    what bag did you purchase? do you have pix?
  3. no i do not have a pic its denim and its 14 inch L
    and 10 inch in H well i still love the bag
  4. I have two Dooneys and didn't get a dust bag with either one.
  5. maybe they don't come with the fabric bags? the one i did NOT get a dustbag with was a monogram quilted barrel (fabric with leather accents) so maybe they dont' give dustbags out unless it's leather? hmm, odd. you should do a search online for your dooney so we can see waht you got ;)
  6. I have 4 Dooney's that I bought from either Macy's or Dillard's and I have never gotten a dustbag.
  7. SO wierd... would anyone like to SEE what the dustbag looks like? thats so wierd... who has a leather bag? if you got a leather bag with no dustbag, i'd find that odd... it might depend on where u get them... but i got mine at TJMaxx?
  8. I have bought 3 Dooney purses directly from their website... and none came with a dustbag. - FYI - none of these purses were leather.
  9. maybe that's it then?
  10. i sent a letter to customer service which reads as the following:

    hi i belong to a purse forum, affectionately known as TPF.
    we just recently got granted a Dooney & Bourke Sub forum, which i've been advocating for a while! we're all very excited. you may find that link here if it at all interests you: http://forum.purseblog.com/dooney-and-bourke/
    so we've come upon a question, and i was wondering if you could answer.
    i have 2 Dooney bags, and of those 2, one came with a dustbag. it's a platinum grey medium all weather leather hobo, bought at TJMaxx. the other is a grey quilted barrel with red leather accents. this bag was bought at a Dooney & Bourke Factory Store and did NOT come with a dustbag.
    some ladies have claimed to NEVER have recieved a dustbag, and my assumption is that only the leather bags come with dustbags. the forum posters have bought their bags from everywhere, including straight from your site, to TJMaxx, QVC, and Dillards. we are all wondering what your policy is for dustbags, and any info you may provide will be helpful and appreciated! thank you so much in advance!
    Your Loyal Customer,
    so when i get a response i'll let you know!
  11. most dooney's dont come w a dustbag, esp cloth ones, that's just how it is
  12. lol okie dokie then, question answered i suppose. i have a dustbag by them!
  13. I have a couple vintage AWL Dooneys and called their customer service number to find out how to get one- they charge $5 for them and they DO NOT include them with their bags on a regular basis- especially fabric bags, because of the risk of dye transfer to the bags- thats straight from the "customer service horse's mouth". If anyone is interested, go to www.dooney.com and click on customer service
  14. I think i've seen the AWL bags with them, but not the fabric ones. Dooney bags are dark blue, with white letters.
  15. When I got mine from macys... I did not get a dustbag. I have the pocket zip tote and I love it